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My Upcoming Sewing Project

What ho! Aren’t you guys surprised that I am posting already so soon! 😛 Well, I told you I wanted to blog about sewing projects that I wanted to do or was doing. So here I am!

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From one sick person to hopefully well peoples…

Yes, I am sick. 😛 I have a cold and am miserable. I have a headache and my throat hurts when I swallow. And I have literally done nothing at all today. :-\ Oh, what fun! *note the sarcasm* I … Continue reading

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A Sewing Project…

Hey Y’all! Sewing is the ‘craft’ of my choice. I think each of us girls (older girls that is) in out family have selected a preferred ‘craft’ and none of us share one. 🙂 Mine happens to be sewing.

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