Classics tend to be LONG!

Hey Y’all!

This year I decided that I was going to try to read more classics. Which is harder than I thought it would be. For two reason. One I have already read a lot of classics, and two they are long.

I am not scared of long books, nor do I have anything against them. There just, well, long. 😛

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Blog Form

What ho! Hey Y’all!  😀

This is just going to be a quick post, so no need for the ‘read more’ button. I just wanted to blog really fast to share the link to the blog form that I created.

If you guys could fill it out that would be really great! They are just some pretty easy questions like what are your favorite things about the blog….etc.

You can follow the link below, or fill it out right here….it all depends on whether or not I can get it to embed in this post. 😉

Just Being Me Blog Form


Thanks guys! I look forward to reading what y’alls answers are!

p.s Not sure it the whole ‘loading…’ thing means it didn’t work or if it is just our internet connection… So I’m just going to leave it there.





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My Upcoming Sewing Project

What ho! Aren’t you guys surprised that I am posting already so soon! 😛

Well, I told you I wanted to blog about sewing projects that I wanted to do or was doing. So here I am!

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From one sick person to hopefully well peoples…

Yes, I am sick. 😛 I have a cold and am miserable. I have a headache and my throat hurts when I swallow. And I have literally done nothing at all today. :-\ Oh, what fun! *note the sarcasm*

I am also getting hungry, but I have a sore on my tongue which is very painful. So we could just say that I am not having a good couple of days after Christmas. lol

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There is no shame

There is no shame…in reading picture books!

I am sixteen years old (and a half. 😉 ) and I still enjoy a good picture book. Most of the reason I love picture books is in fact, for the pictures. But every now and again there will be one that has a good/cute little story.

Here are some of my favorite picture books:

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