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~Once a Week~

Monday’s Minutes Challenge: This is only every other week, since the challenge is only every other week. On the days that I don’t do the MMC, I might find and writing prompt to do just for fun.

Wednesday’s Writings: I will post anything writing related, like my writing, stuff like that. I may or may not do a post every week.

Friday’s Inspiration: This is a once a week post, where I will be posting an encouraging verse, or just a quote that I found and likes. (expect a lot of writing related quotes.)

Sunday: I will post a hymn, or a bible verse. More Sundays than not I probably won’t post anything, but if I do post something it will be one of those things.

2 Responses to Blog Schedule

  1. Eleah says:

    What about Wacky Wednesday?

    • mary says:

      Um….well, I took it off because I never remembered to do a post. Maybe I’ll added it again later but for now I’ll just do posts like that when ever I feel like it. 🙂

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