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Hey Y’all!  If you are reading this you obviously want to know who I am. I will try my best to give you a quick briefing on who I am, but you best bet at getting to know me is to just hang around a while.

First, my name is Mary. I am a seventeen year old, christian and homeschooled! My personality type is ENTJ. I have eight younger siblings (four brothers, and four sisters) and I have one older sister. Making a total of ten kids! 😀

I love to read, I don’t really understand why any one wouldn’t. I mean, come on, reading is clearly the best way to slowly die of heartbreak. A maybe it is because of my love for books that I also write. Who knows?

There are many things that I love doing, I don’t believe in being idle. 😉 I love music, I play the piano, and I sing in our church’s choir. I enjoy sewing, and other crafts such as card making. There are like a thousand other crafts I would love to try one day, but haven’t gotten around too yet.

I have recently gotten interested in cake decorating, we’ll see how that goes. 😉

You can see some of the books I have read or want to read on Goodreads

Also visit me on Pinterest. (Or don’t because you might not want to follow me after you see what I pin. lol)




9 Responses to About Me

  1. Wow! I am 13 years and the second oldest of 8 siblings and one gone to soon.
    My siblings and I are all home-schooled. I love music, babies, LOTR, books, red roses (only red roses ;)) and many other things.
    That’s kind of weird…. and awesome! 😀 (That we are both so alike, I mean. :))

  2. Susanna says:

    Hey! Just found your blog from the goodreads group. I am lovin it. You’ve got a gorgeous little space.

    Keep writing forever,

  3. Hi Mary! I recently found your blog, and I enjoy reading it! Ooo, you’re ENTJ? I’m ESTJ :). (and for the record, I’m a big LotR fan, too :D)

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