August is a new month

And new in more ways than one…

I wish I could get you a list of all the first for this month, but I can think of only one ‘big one’ as of right now. Although I am sure that there will be many first for me in this month.

Well, now that I think of it there is two, but I’m only going to talk about one. The first is, August marks the beginning of my last year of high-school. Which is pretty nice!

The thing starting in August that I am most excited about is…. *queue the dramatic drum rolls

Taking college classes!


I am really excited about this. I have wanted to take college classes for a while now, but I couldn’t until now. And I’ll explain why.

I will be taking college classes at our local community college, through their duel enrollment program. (or Career Promise, what ever they want to call it). Duel Enrollment is where you can take free college classes during your Junior and Senior year in high-school. So in theory you could graduate from college with a high-school diploma and your Associates Degree. That will not be me though.

I was going to take classes during my Junior year but I did not pass that test to get into the college. Which I was a little frustrated about because I was one point away from passing. I took the test twice, failed both times and was told I had to wait an entire year before I could take it again. So that was frustrating. Not really because I failed, but because I knew I had the ability to pass the test and I didn’t.

Mama has told me that I handled the fact that I failed very well. I didn’t get upset and make a big deal about it. I left the college frustrated and a bit disappointed; came home drank some coffee and moved on with my life.

I failed. And my solution to failing was simply to keep working on my school (specifically math), harder than normal, and ensure that there was no possible way that come next year (this year) that I would fail.

The month leading up to my going back in to test this year was spent doing almost nothing but math. I literally spent about two or three hours a day doing math. Watching a math video, not understanding any of it, re-watching it. Repeat. I am not a math person. The day of my going in to take the test I was sitting at the dinning room table working on Math.

So when I finished up my test that day and saw that I had past, I was very happy. There is nothing like knowing that your hard work has paid off. And seeing that I had passed the math section and that I was ‘Proficient’ in that area was worth all the Saturday morning spent doing math. Or the days where my Mom had proclaimed that we had a day off school but I still sat down and did math while the rest of my siblings played.

And yes, I did shun my math book for a week or two afterwards. Monday, however, I’m gonna have to pull it off the shelve again. :-\

The point of say all of the above is simply this, don’t get upset or give up when you fail. Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. It just means you have to try again. There is nothing wrong or shameful about failing. (A thing that I, as someone who hates failing, has to remind myself of a lot) People fail everyday. But people also succeed everyday. And you can’t succeed without having failed once or twice before.

(Aren’t you glad I didn’t drag Thomas Edison into this. 😉 )

That isn’t the most excited things about taking college classes. The most exciting part is the taking the class part. 😛

It is recommend by the college to only take two classes in your first semester. And it was in around about way recommended by my mother too. But because I never really listen to other peoples recommendations I am taking three class. (Yes, I am so risky. *roll eyes* I really just didn’t want to be sitting at the college for hours with nothing to do except wait for Bekah to get out of her classes)

There is only one class out of the three that I am really excited about taking and that is General Physiology. Which I do realize is kind of a random class to be taking, but I think it will be a very fascinating class and I look forward to sharing random ‘fun facts’ with my siblings from it. I didn’t originally plan to take this class. I wanted to take a math class…with a specific teacher. But her class was full and I refused to take math with anyone other than her so the math class will have to wait until the spring.

The other two classes aren’t really that excited, just a English and a History. But a funny (or really amusing) thing Bekah and I discovered while comparing our schedules for this year is that at some point of time (don’t really remember which days/classes/time) we will be in opposite class rooms at the same time. Unfortunately we won’t see each other because I will get there before her and she will leave before me. But it is still pretty cool.

What plans do you guys have for this ‘new’ school year? I don’t suppose the rest of you guys have anything particularly fun going one? 😉


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  1. Grammy says:

    I failed my driving test three times!! I do believe that is probably why I don’t like to drive to this day!! But like you say it wasn’t the end of the world even though I was only sixteen. You just keep trying till it all comes together. Take care! Love you, Grammy

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