Piano Lessons?

Hey Y’all,

I started taking piano lessons for the first time (last month) and I am seventeen. (and by the first time, I mean the first ‘official’ time. I have had a friend give me lessons before, but life got busy and I didn’t get many lessons)

Now playing the piano has been listed (in my bios) as something I enjoy doing for years. At first it was something I played around with. I enjoyed teaching myself how to read notes, and then slowly picking out notes in songs. Learning to play the whole song, and then trying something harder. But then I decided that music was something I wanted a career in. There was a problem though, and that was that I needed lessons. While I always reassured myself with the fact that I was a pretty good piano player considering I had never had lessons. I wasn’t anywhere near being able to play well enough to get into a college music program.

I’m not a quitter. And though every once in a while I thought maybe I should just decided on doing something else for a living, I didn’t want to give up something I love, just because I didn’t think I would ever be good enough. So I kept it up and hoped that maybe I could become better, even though I thought I had taught myself all I could.

So ya know what was nice to hear one day at a piano lesson? It was nice to hear my teacher say she didn’t know how I got to be so good without having any lessons. It was nice to know that all those years of my trying to teach myself to play weren’t a ‘waste’. Granted, there are things I am horrible at. Keeping correct time, or the right figuring, to name the ‘biggest’. (we aren’t going to mention theory)

It is nice having a teacher who can correct me when I play something wrong. It is nice to be playing songs that would qualify for the auditions to get into a music program. It is nice to know that I CAN play a song that I could audition with. It is nice to know that I am not as bad of a player as I thought I was.

I really have no point in sharing this, other than, I felt like blogging and this is what I blogged about! If you really want to get something from this then maybe it can be a simple, ‘don’t give up on your dreams’. For me piano lessons is one step closer to achieving my dream, which is having a career in music. 🙂

I’ll try to do another post sometime soon about what songs I am currently learning in piano! 😀


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  1. Sarah L. says:

    Grace was listening to “I’ve Got a Dream” when I read this 🙂 Perfect timing. I’m so glad you’re taking lessons.

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