My Upcoming Sewing Project

What ho! Aren’t you guys surprised that I am posting already so soon! 😛

Well, I told you I wanted to blog about sewing projects that I wanted to do or was doing. So here I am!

Now I haven’t started on this sewing project yet. Nor do I even have any of the stuff that I need for it. But that is just a matter of getting to the store, which will happen hopefully this coming week. (I do have the pattern though. I bought it once when it was on sell. 😀 )

I wanted to make this dress for Christmas, but that didn’t work out. So then I thought I would do it for New Years, but that isn’t going to work out. So now I am just going to make it. 😀

Here is the dress I want to sew, it is a Butterick Pattern; B6374:

When Mama first looked at it she said it looked very tedious, what with the gathering and the buttons.

I plan on doing ‘A’. Which means no buttons! 😛 The dress itself seems pretty simple to sew. There really isn’t as many gathers as it looks in the picture, and most of the seams are straight. I don’t even think the sleeve has gathers on it. The sleeve is pretty fitted though, and because of that is has snaps around the bottom. It zips in the side, which will be interesting. I have never worn or sewn a dress that zips in the side, so I am rather curious to see how that will work out. I wonder if it will be easier to sew, or easier to put on. *shrug* Who knows?

The only part of this dress that I think I might have trouble with, is the collar. You have use interfacing for the collar, which isn’t going to be issue. The problem will be have particular the collar is going to have to be. The collar is going to have to be sewn perfectly. No puckers or wrinkles. It is going to have to lay just so or it will be ruined. I plan on taking my time on the collar and hopefully I’ll get it in just how it is supposed to be.

Other than having the zipper in the side the only other things in this dress that I have done before are using seam binding and having to sew shoulder pads. I think that seam binding is only there to help the fabric not stretch out of shape or fray when hemmed. And from what I can tell it will be very easy to sew in. The shoulder pads don’t look like that will be to hard to do either. So hopefully that will go in smoothly, and not look weird. lol

The material that you use for this dress is Faille, Rayon, Challis, and Crepe. I have never heard of Faille and Challis before, and since JoAnns doesn’t have them I am not worried about it. I decided on going with Crepe. One because there was a better selection of what I needed at JoAnns than the Rayon. It only sounds nicer to said your dressed it made from Crepe than Rayon. 😉

I can’t decided on a color I would like to do, and since I haven’t looked at what our JoAnns have yet, I don’t know what colors they have. However, this gray looks very nice, and if they have it I might go with it.

Of course they may have a different color there that I might like better. 😛 You never know! I think a blue or pink might be nice. I don’t know. Sometimes you have to see something in person to really like it. And colors don’t always show up right on the computer. 🙂

I’ll try to post pictures of the fabric and stuff when I buy it. I’ll also try to take pictures of the dress as I am sewing it. Please note the ‘try’ in those sentences. 😉

What do you guys think? What color would you pick?


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