I hit 50k!

Wow! It has been crazy busy in my mind recently. Every time I have gotten on the computer it has been to write. All of that time spent writing has really paid off. Today I hit 50k. Hurrah!

Unfortunately but story isn’t over, so I still have a ton of writing to do. But because I have ‘won’ hopefully I won’t focus so much on writing, and will squeeze more time in to write. 🙂 Or maybe not. We’ll see. I would really like to get my book finished this month.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Now this isn’t going to be a writing post. I just had to have my moment to enjoy hitting 50k. Now is the time for me to ramble, because that is what I do best. 😉

November is a busy month for our family. We have a birthday literally every week.

First was Sam’s seventh birthday on the eleventh and then Caleb’s fifteenth birthday on the twelfth. And yes they celebrate them together. It is just easier that way, even thought neither of them really like it. 😛

Now coming up with have Hannah’s eleventh birthday on the twenty-second and Sarah’s ninth birthday on the twenty-seventh.

And then the normal November stuff like Thanksgiving. I just want to say I am glad neither of the girls birthdays fall on Thanksgiving this year. Sometime they do you know.

We are celebrating Hannah’s birthday this Sunday, and do you want to guess who doesn’t have her a present. Yeah, that would be me. I was so busy doing NaNo I forgot she had a birthday. Now I am wonder if I have something for Sarah… Do you think I qualify for the bad older sister award? 😛

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and we put up our Christmas tree every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving. And then you have Sarah’s birthday on Sunday. Yeah, busy week.

Hannah wants a hobbit hole cake for her birthday, so we’ll see how well that turns out. I have to get some new tips for it, I don’t have all that I need. But I promise I’ll post pictures of it, whether it turned out good or not. 🙂 I also will post some pictures of the Captain America cake that I made for Sam. I need to get the pictures from Mama for those.

(This post is very rambly. haha)

Our Thanksgiving meal is going to be very, I don’t know, simple? I usually do most of the cooking. Which seems kind of ironic because I hate cooking, and yet every year on Thanksgiving I do nothing but cook. 😛 I am a big meal cooker, not a simple every day cooker. You want a multi-course meal, sigh me up. You want sloppy joes, ask Beck to do it. 🙂

This year we are having the turkey (which if you didn’t know this, if you put orange slices in the turkey while it is cooking it will taste like the best turkey you have every had. It will be so juicy and moist. Seriously, if you don’t do this you need to!) Then of course we will have mash potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and dinner rolls. This year I am making something new which is roasted butternut squash. I have never had butternut squash but the recipe sound so good, so we’ll see if I like it. 🙂 We are also having cranberry sauce. Which is something we normally don’t have since Daddy and I are the only ones who like it. However Daddy’s parents are coming and they like it so we are going to have it.

We must forget the most important thing, which is the dessert. 😀 I am making a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie. Then we will also have brownies, for all my weird siblings who don’t eat pie. 😛

So yeah, and interesting week ahead! Don’t expect to many post though. 😛

Well, I need to be heading to bed, I need to get up early to go shopping with my mom to get someone a gift. *ahem*

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4 Responses to I hit 50k!

  1. Ashton says:

    That is awesome!!! Congrats!!

  2. Sarah L. says:

    Wonderful!!!! I know your book will be/is awesome. Can’t wait for it to be finished. 🙂
    Everyone’s growing up so fast. Sarah’s turning nine?!! Don’t know if I believe that one. 😉 Hannah L. says Happy Birthday to Hannah B.

    • Mary says:

      When I have it finished a somewhat edited, I’ll send it to you! 😛 As of right now it is just me trying to get all my ideas on paper in somewhat of a book way.
      I know!? It is hard to believe that. I was nine we first met you guys!!
      I told Hannah what Hannah L. said. 🙂

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