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Hey y’all!

I don’t know if I have shared this with you guys yet or not, but I thought I would share the first 1000 words of my work in progress. Even if I have already shared this with you guys, there have been some minor (a few major) changes.

Chapter One
What would you do if you woke up with no memory of who you were? No memory of your past, no memory of anything at all?
I suppose most people would panic, scream, or cry uncontrollable, I did none of those things. Okay that’s a little untrue. I did panic, a little, but that panic lasted only half a minute before my stomach interrupted me with a growl. Eating was more important than worrying about who you were, right? Of course I was still concerned with my lack of memory, duh I am human, but trying not starving to death was important.

Once I discovered my hunger. I did the most logical thing that came to mind. I climbed out of the bed and staggered over to the door. Upon reaching the door I did what most people do when they walk up to a closed door, I pushed it open.

The door opened up into a larger room. From where I stood, I could tell this was the main room of the house. It had everything here, the living room and the kitchen. At the sight of the kitchen I wasted no time in observing anything else, I was hungry!

However, I failed to notice the two women who stood in the kitchen cooking. In fact I didn’t notice either one of them until I had nearly fallen over one woman as she stooped to pick up a rag off the floor. My body froze as the women stood gaping at me. There was no doubt that they were related, they were twins only in appearance. I had tripped on who I assumed was the daughter. She had stood quickly, popped her elbow into my jaw, by accident, and literally jumped to the other side of the room.

The smile that had been on my face at the thought of food was now slowly melting, metaphorically speaking of course. Although if it had been melting I am sure I would have been able to her it drip on the floor. In fact I imagined in that moment I could have caught the whisper of a mouse singing a lullaby to its babies.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, and no sooner had I began to think of this than the older woman rushed towards me, speaking as she did.

“Come child,” She took hold of my arm and pushed me down onto the bench at the table. The smile returned to my face, this time I hoped it was the picture of warmth and happiness. Rather than the creepy smile I imagined it appeared like from the pained expression on the girl.

“Amelia, get her something to eat, she must be famished.”

I nodded my head. “I don’t think the word ’famished’ is quiet strong enough.”

The woman laughed. I accepted a hot bowl of stew from the younger woman. The two women allowed me to get a couple of bites down before they began asking me questions.

“What is your name child?” This came from the older woman.

My spoon clanked against the edge of my bowl; my hands lost any strength they had. I lost my grip on the bowl and it clattered on the table.

“I don’t know.” A tear trickled down my face; I had no idea why I was crying. I didn’t feel any sadness, or worry, not even any fear, just panic. Everything in my body was on the verge of exploding from repressed…I don’t know energy, stress. Glancing down at my hands and arms, surprised to find them shaking.

The older woman pulled me into her arms. “There, there. It is nothing to worry about. We’ll figure out who you are. You probably just had a nasty knock to the head. It’ll come back to you soon enough.” She gave me a hard squeeze before pulling away. She smiled at me. “I’m Felicia and this, as you know, is Amelia.”

I rubbed the tears from my eyes, frustrated that I had let myself cry.  I’m glad I wiped all traces of having been crying, for just seconds later two men walked into the house. I looked up, startled at their entrance. Felicia spoke before I could react.

“This is my son Austin and my husband Derek.” She pointed to them each in turn. I nodded my head at them, but didn’t say a word.

No one did, although many words were spoken, between Derek and Felicia. They had that telepathically connection that comes with love. What they said I have no knowledge of but it had something to do with me. In the end Derek smiled at me before moving to the kitchen. Austin moved towards me, his mouth turned up in a wide grin, his mouth opening to say something. He hastily clamped it shut after a rather nasty glare from his sister, that how siblings are. Nodding at me and he bolted from the room. I could hear the low tones of conversation floating towards us.

“Can I go outside?” I hesitated in asking, as I knew nothing about where I was. Who knew if it was safe or not, I didn’t. Thousands of questions were swirling around in my mind, unable to get free. They were stuck in there and they were suffocating me. I need to get out, where I could be free; alone.

Felicia nodded towards the door. “That’s the way out. Bundle up, it may snow.”

I forced a smile and turned to go.


I turned back to look at Felicia. “Don’t wander too far.”

I smiled now. Still not talking, I just nodded my head.

*        *     *

When I stepped out into the clear night air, if felt my whole body relax, and for the first time I felt like it was going to be okay. I was instantly captivated by the bright night sky. The moon was barely a sliver against the black of night, but the stars. Oh, the stars, they were so bright. If you gazed at them closely you could see them ’twinkling’. I found myself laughing at the beauty of it all. I had only just stepped out the door; I was looking at the sky. I hadn’t looked at anything else. I laughed again, this time at myself and moved away from the door step, tearing my eyes away from the sky. A small town lay before me. I felt like I had entered a fairy-tale. Most of the lights were turned out in the small house and shops, but enough of them were still on so that I could make out the shapes of the other surrounding buildings. I walked the path that lead to the road. And the road that lead into the town.

It wasn’t long before I found myself on the outside of the town, having walked straight through it. I turned and looked back at the town, before turning and walking steadily up the slope. I was surprised to find another small house on the other side of the slope, and so far from all the others. It wasn’t until I saw the small cross on the door that I realized why. I hesitated, wondering if I should walk down to the house. I decided against this, feeling it would be a bit awkward. Instead I turned and sat down on the top of the slope. I sat there, and watched the small town. I sat there until all the lights had gone out, all except the one house I had come from. I knew they were waiting for me, but I ignored the light calling me back. I lay back on the hard, cold ground beneath me and looked up at the sky.

I woke up, when I felt gentle drops of something wet landing on my face. Some cold, freezing cold, I leapt to my feet, thinking someone was playing a joke. No, I was alone. And it was snowing. Tiny snowflakes fell gently one by one onto the frozen ground beneath me. I watched them fall for a moment, before trying to catch one on my tongue. Soon I was running about on the hill, with my tongue sticking out of my mouth trying to catch a snowflake.


(Okay so that was a little longer than a thousand words. But I wanted it to stop in a good place)

Feel free to critique it is you want to! Share your thoughts!

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