My Childhood was the Best!

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Hey Y’all!

My childhood was better than almost every single child’s now. You may think, well that is easy for you to say, you have no idea what kids lives are like now. But trust me, I am right. My childhood was better and I’ll tell you why.

Pulling my younger siblings (2010)

2007 – I’m the one in the blue shirt and dress

There is only one reason why my childhood is better than kids today. I had not access to technology. I didn’t have a phone, I didn’t have a fire, I didn’t even get on a computer.

You look at kids today and all they do is sit on their devices, doing what? Something that is not worth it in the long run. Years from now are they going to have special memories about that time they spent playing a game on their phone? No.

There are so many things that I did as a kid that still make me happy today just thinking about all the fun I had.

2007 (I’m the one in orange)

Technically making a volcano was school, but it was super fun! I loved getting to make it. 😀 School, however, is not as fun now as it was then. lol

Some of you guys know me (as in we’ve actually met) and you know we have moved a lot in my life. I have moved a total of ten times. The longest we have ever stayed in one place was almost five years. And we plan on moving sometime next year, thankfully with this move it will not be any further than 30 minutes from where we live now. 😀

The house we lived in from 2007-2009 (we moved here Nov. 2007)

For each of the houses we have lived in there were different things that we played. Whether inside or outside. We did a LOT of outside playing. In the heat of summer or the cold of winter, we played outside every chance that we got. We had so much fun.

In the first house I have memories from (the second house I ever lived in) we had lots of neat little out door toys. We had a little orange plastic rocking horse, bikes, and some awesome cars. These cars, they were my favorite toy to play with outside all the way up until I was seven and could barely fit in it. And I am not talking those motorized cars they have now. With these cars you sat on the inside and used your feet to ‘pull’ yourself forward. The best thing about these cars, they had doors you could shut. We had two of these cars, we loved them!

In another house another house we turned the drive way into a mcdonalds driv-thru. When someone came to order food the person at the ‘window’ (it was invisible) would say ‘Welcome to mcdonals! Can I take your order?’

That was also that house that we went into the garage and ate candy that was who knows how many years old. This garage had no, um what would you call them, doors? So there was no telling what animals had been messing with that candy. We never did get sick from eating them, miracle happen people! 😛

Mama made this dress for me. I picked out the fabric and when she was done making it and I actually got to wear I felt so pretty. I think I thought I was all grown up in my new dress. Loved it!

I know this is about my childhood, but I have never been an only child. 😀 My childhood always was someone else’s childhood, and so I can’t resist this pic of Beck. lol She has never been, um, graceful.

The house that the above picture was taken out had one of the best backyards in the world! We loved that yard. The white fence was to a small little garden. Often we would pretend it was a house, or we would just practice jumping over the bush in the middle of the garden. This was also the yard where we practice running and jumping up on top of a fence. We thought if we could do it on a fence we could do it on a horse. We were convinced we were expert cowboys. lol

But my favorite thing about this house was the giant chalk board that was nailed onto the fence in the back yard. We also had two old school desk that sat in front of it. We played school or store. I think we may have even had a restaurant there once too. We would go out into the yard and turn anything into what ever we wanted. We had a whole network of ‘roads’ that we would ride our bikes on. BEST BACKYARD EVER!

2011 – Love my piano! (which isn’t really mine, but I’m the only one who plays it 😛 )

99% of my time was spent outside as a kid. I still love going outside, but unfortunately responsibilities come first and I can’t always bring those outside with me. 😉 We played on bikes, in cars, with mud, sticks, rocks, chalk boards, invisible things only we could see. We event our own sport game which was seeing who could throw their stick the farthest. We reenacted the revolutionary war, built a cannon. We used our imaginations.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days of being a kids and blissfully unaware of anything other than the bubble I lived in. But you can’t go back. All you can do is remember. And trying to recreate those times is impossible.

My life has never been easy, I didn’t always know that, but no matter how hard life got for our family there have always been times to look back on with crazy grins on our faces.

I lived the best childhood I could ever have wanted for, and I am so so grateful for it!

(2011) Hannah as an Indian princess. She is probably five or six in this pic

Sorry for the LONG post guys, but I got carried away with all the fun things I did as a kid, and I didn’t even tell you guys half of it! I’ll have to do post like this more often. 😛


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  1. Rachel says:

    Loved it! I think y’all have rocked childhood!

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