Who is Breanne? (Part One)

I think I have a done a post similar to this before, except it was a more of a what does she look like, how old is she, what is her name, type of post. This is going to be completely different and most be just randomly saying this about her. The point of this post is so that I can brainstorm her character a little bit more. I know so much about her and yet I know so little, if that makes sense.

So here is goes…

(And yes, there are parts) 😛

This is going to sort of be a synopsis of her character. So I am going to kind of explain what has happened to her and who she is all at the same time leading up into her entering my fictitious world, of which I do have a name, I just forgot it. 😉 Trust me I am a good author. Ahem.

Breanne never knew her parents. Her mother left her at the hospital when she was a baby and according to what she has heard from other people her father was never in the picture. She was put in an orphanage and remained there until she was three. To live there had to be hard, especially being so young. Because of that I imagine she was probably rather shy, quiet and did little. It would have been expected of her to stay out of the way and quiet. I personally believe this isn’t health for a child in anyway. Children should be able to run around and play, be loud. Sure there are times when they should be quite and sit still, but not all the time. Not like this.

She didn’t leave the orphanage until she was three, because it took her grandparents that long to find her. She was their son’s daughter. They hadn’t had any contact with their son since he had left their home at the age of twenty. How they found out about Breanne, I don’t know. That is a mystery. 🙂

From then on Breanne lived with her grandparents. With them she was given everything she could ever need. Note the need. She was not spoiled. She didn’t have everything that she wanted, but what she needed. While with them, she learned to express herself and gained a little bit of her grandmother’s stubbornness and outspoken opinions. But she also had her grandfather’s kindness and love of children. Breanne spent many a days with her grandfather building things in his shed, sneaking ice cream and listening to swing music. It was her grandfather her laughingly taught her how to dance. Her grandmother who helped her cook her first batch of cookies. Plant her first garden and learn how to a bicycle. Her grandfather taught her how to pick locks, climb the inside of the chimney and took her camping.

Breanne had a strong and very special bond with both her grandparents, whom she called Grandma Sue (her full name being Susan) and Grandpa Billy (his name being Bill). But of the two of them I think she was closest to her Grandfather. Her grandfather had a way of understanding and reading people. He knew when and what to say to them and when to just sit with them. Breanne’s grandmother was very different, which is probably why she and Bill were perfect for each other. Susan wanted to be able to help you work through your problems immediately. Sometimes she didn’t realize that you needed time to work through it, or understand it for yourself, and alone.

By the time Breanne was entering high-school she was a very confident person. Not that she walked around, back straight, head help up. No, she was confident in who she was. She was happy with herself and her life. Breanne was independent and strong willed. She was kind and self-sacrificing. Sure she wasn’t perfect. By no means. She was a hot-head and prone to get upset of some of the simplest things. There were times when she was rude to them, and sometimes as ugly as you could be towards them. But more often than not she was what most of her neighbors called her ‘the sweetest girl’. The neighborhood kids adored her and her grandfather. It was not unusual to see them all marching off into the woods for a camping trip, to go fishing, or just sitting in the front yard eating Popsicle.

Well, that will be all for today’s post. I’ll try and post another one sometimes soon!


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