Monday’s Minutes

Monday’s Minutes!! I am really excited about Monday’s Minutes this week, and it isn’t because there is anything special going on. I am excited about it because I feel like I haven’t written in years and I desperately need/want to.

This week I am using the picture prompt: Submitted by Shelby


The girl stumbled out of the smoking building. She started to stagger across the pavement, her feet torn and bleeding. She tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground. I stood on the sidewalk, and watched. And waited. It took over a minute for them to get there. It was longer than last time. I watched, my eyes narrowed, as the man rushed to the girls side, followed by the girls. The boy shouted and pointed to the building. Within seconds all three of them were inside. The man scoped up the girl and carried her away from the building. I counted to ten…8,9,10. Then I pressed the button. The building exploded.

I watched at debris darkened the sky before I climbed into my car. I texted my boss, Mission Completed. A simple twist of the keys, a little pressure on the accelerator and I was gone from the site of the explosion.

Michal looked up from laying the girl down on the sidewalk. The building had exploded! A scream tore through his mouth, as the debris shattered on the ground around him. He did not care if he got hit by one. The only thing he could think of was the fact that his friends were gone. Dead. He was alone…again.


My entry is: 216 words



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5 Responses to Monday’s Minutes

  1. Allie says:

    Hi Mary!
    I liked the story. You did a good job. If you want my opinion, I think that there were a few parts that were confusing and that you should maybe try and fix them before the judging. For instance, “The girl stumbled at of the smoking building.” she stumbled out, not at, right? well, I know that doesn’t matter much, but just a tip 🙂 Actually, would you mind reading my story and telling me what you think? I just put it up on my blog! I’m not sending it in until I figure out if it’s good or not. Thanks.

    IN Christ,
    Allie Taylor!!!

  2. Micaiah says:

    Hi, Mary! I’m Micaiah, and I blog over at Ramblings of a Writer. Love your MMC entry! =)

  3. Allison McCurdy says:

    Wonderfully written!:) I love the way that you ended it!:)

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