My Birthday!

The fourteenth was my birthday. My sixteenth birthday! 😀 A day I will quite honestly say I was looking forward to. I was tired of being fifteen and ready to be sixteen.

My birthday did not start off really well. I slept in late, resulting in hungry and cranky kids. One of which decided to pull on my dress while screaming at me as I tried to cook pancakes for breakfast. If you know me, then you probably know that I lost my temper at this point. And I snapped at my little brother, and the other kids in the house who refused to entertain him while I was trying to cook. The result of this, was me getting in trouble. Not a great way to start your birthday right. And so there I am sitting in the kitchen, now upset because my birthday is going ‘just so’.

I start putting the pancake batter onto the griddle, all the while I am grumbling in my brain about horrible my birthday is. Not only have I gotten in trouble but I also was going to spend my whole day babysitting my younger siblings. (A thing that I have know months a head of time, but kept forgetting) Instead of being able to blog, read, write and play the piano like I had planned.

In my mind I should have been able to lay around all day, ignoring my responsibilities and what-not because it was my birthday. I shouldn’t have had to do anything at all, only what I wanted to do.

It was but five minutes or less into this grumbling that I realized how selfish I was being. How ungrateful. In know way shape or form was that attitude I had glorifying to God. I knew it.

Instead of being grumpy all day because I didn’t have the ‘perfect’ birthday, I was determined to be happy all day. And enjoy the day I had with the few siblings that were home. I have been blessed with sixteen years of life and younger siblings to babysit. I should never sit around grumbling in my mind because I have to babysit them.

I can safely say that yesterday was one of the happiest birthdays I have had. And it wasn’t because I got to do what I wanted to. But because I chose to enjoy the day God had blessed me with.

No matter what goes wrong in your life, you always make the day as bad or good as it every will be. You can choose to have a bad or good attitude over things. I am not saying that you should never get upset about something. But you shouldn’t dwell on it for no other reason than because you are or were upset about it. Sometimes we need to step back from everything going on in our lives and think about all the blessing that we do have. If you think about it you have a whole lot to be thankful for!

This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it.

~Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

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2 Responses to My Birthday!

  1. Allison McCurdy says:

    Happy, happy birthday!!!:) Congratulations on being officially sixteen. I ended up cheating and told people who asked that was sixteen about two months ahead of time. 🙂
    Also, great job with your siblings. I would have completely blown up. Which isn’t a very godly attitude to have especially on your birthday. I always feel like I have to act more mature on my birthday. 🙂
    Well, happy late sixteenth birthday!!!:)

    • Mary says:

      lol Thanks! I always have to tell myself a couple weeks in advance that I am the age I am turning so that if anyone asks I can tell them with out stuttering over it. 😛
      Trust me, I blown up more times that I would like to admit.

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