Lyra – A Character

Hey guys! Today is Wednesday so something writing related! 😀 I don’t have a chapter of Cinderella, nor do I have any snippets to share in my WIP. But, I do have a character that I have yet to really ‘develop’. So I thought I would do some character questions on here.

It took me forever to find a set of questions that I really liked, but I finally did! 😀

I am just going to answer some basic questions about her. I may do more questions for her on here later, it really just depends on how big of a role she’ll play in my WIP.


Name: Lyra (I do not have any other names for her)

Age: Lyra has  to be hundreds of years old, probably more like a thousand or awful close to it.

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Not human. Thea is a winged human of sorts. I haven’t figure out what I want to call her yet.

Height: 5 feet

Hair: Lyra’s hair is red. I want to say more like a golden red, like it is a strawberry blonde but with more of a golden tint.

Eye: Sky blue

Skin: Very, very pale.

Myer Briggs: INFP (I am still undecided on this though….)

Why is she in my book?: Lyra plays rather an important role of my story. She is one of the reasons that the ‘bad’ things in my story are happening. Not because she is bad, but because of things she did in her past. What is happening in my story is the consequences of her actions. Lyra also can see the future. Not like she can prophesy or anything. But she can see specif things that will happen to a certain person, or a major event. Sometimes it is something that is not important, sometimes it is. It might be something that will happen tomorrow or in a thousand years. Lyra doesn’t know. And doesn’t really care either. This knowledge comes from her dreams.

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