Pointless Post?

Yeah, I am slightly bored and also in the need of posting something. So you know what that means for you. A pointless blog post, in which I ramble about what I have done recently, am doing and what I will do it. And not necessarily in that order, or really at all. 😉

Because ever good blog post should have a picture….

And because I can’t get to any of my pictures. I don’t know what happened but dropbox isn’t working for me and so I can’t get to any pictures that have been taken of our family recently. :-\ And I had some cute ones of the kids I was going to share with you guys.

What I am doing right now…um, watching Rhett and Link, or rather Good Mythical More. Because that is what you do when you are bored. lol

Friday (the eighth) we went bowling with some teens in the church. Which was a ton of fun! I really enjoyed it, especially since I had been wanting to go bowling. Two games go by fast though. I didn’t feel like we had been their but ten minutes before we were done a leaving. That is what happens we you are having fun. 😛

Recently on pinterest I have been looking a lot of Abandoned Houses. I think it is really sad how some houses that are so beautiful are just left to rot. I would love to love in them!! I just love looking at old houses, abandoned or not. In fact if I had my licenses (drivers licenses) I am sure I would be one of those people who just ride around looking at houses for sale or rent. 🙂

I love everything about old houses. The windows, the stairs, the doors, the door knobs (not being sarcastic about the knobs) the trimmings, the kitchens, fireplaces….everything!

I am not obsessing over them either….

That may or may not have been sarcastic, you decided. 😉

A recent accomplish! Winning a game of scramble. 😀 If you know me you know that I am horrible speller and the chances of me winning any sort of word game is zero. 😛 I am going to celebrate this event because it is probably never going to happen again. lol

If you can’t tell already, I am in desperate need of a good book to read. So PLEASE share some books that you have read recently and enjoyed. Or something you have read in the past and enjoyed. I really don’t care when you read it but I NEED SOMETHING TO READ! 🙂

I am a little annoyed right now over the fact that I can’t get to any of my pictures and by the fact that I can’t get Scrabble to load on facebook. 😐 Not cool. Though I am more upset by the pictures than scrabble. I am always having problems with scrabble so nothing new there.

It is raining…which isn’t helping me find something to do. Not that the weather ever really helps be decided what I am going to do. 🙂

Well I am going to stop now before this post gets so long no one would ever read it.



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2 Responses to Pointless Post?

  1. Allison McCurdy says:

    Hey, Mary!:)
    Have you ever read the “Dear America” series? I have recently gone through them and they are pretty engaging. Also, if you like Indian stories, you could try ‘The Indian Captive’. I really enjoyed that one.
    P.S. Or you could read ‘Simirrillion’. (lol)

    • Mary says:

      I think I have read Dear America, but it was a couple of years ago.
      I love the Indian Captive! I went through a phase once when I read a ton of books that were about early Americans and Indians.

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