Monday’s Minutes Challenge!

Hello guys!!! It is Monday which means MONDAY’S MINUTES!! 😀

If you like writing and writing prompts you really should check out Monday’s Minutes.

The prompt I am using this week was submitted by Maddie: “I told you I’d be back.”

My entry is 194 words

“I told you I’d be back.” Austin said with a grin.

I winced at the sight of him. “Yeah…”

Austin frowned. “Would you quit wincing ever time you see me!”

I pressed my lips together. “If you shave that horrid beard of yours I might.”

Austin ran his hands down his beard. “This is not a ‘horrid beard’. This is…”

I nodded my head. “What is is again? I didn’t hear you?”

Austin glared at me. “I am going to start the fire.”

I watched him go, smirking. Abbey shot of blaze of fire at him, singing the edge of his beard. “Get a haircut.” I heard him snort.

Austin growled something uncomprehending and stalked off. Abbey began to laugh.

“When is he ever going to cut his hair!” I said laughing as I walked towards Abbey. Snatching up a bucket of water to douse out the small fires Abbey had started when he laughed.

Abbey laughed. “Never!”

Destiny shook her head. “He will shave soon. Just you wait and see. Soon he will get tired of us picking on him.”

I grinned. “And I can’t wait until he does that.”

We all laughed.

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I hope you liked that! I honestly don’t think that it isn’t to great. I haven’t really been in the ‘mood’ to write recently. :-\

Oh well.

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