A Sewing Project…

Hey Y’all!

Sewing is the ‘craft’ of my choice. I think each of us girls (older girls that is) in out family have selected a preferred ‘craft’ and none of us share one. 🙂 Mine happens to be sewing.

Recently I decided to make a dress for my older sister Rebekah. It was the first time that I had every really followed a sewing pattern all they way to the end of the project. I think for a first time project it was pretty good. Could it have been better? Of course! But like always getting better at such things will take practice! 😀

Making this dress didn’t take long. Just a couple hours one evening and then a couple more hours the next day. I did have to adjust the pattern due to the fact that Rebekah was a different size on the bottom than the top. But it wasn’t that hard to adjust it.

In the end Rebekah decided that she thought it looked like a nightgown and so she didn’t want it. Great, I know! So the dress got passed down to Lydia. 🙂 Who it fit better than Beck. (I am not sure why I keep calling her Rebekah on here, it is much easier to type Beck 😉 )

I promise I will get pictures of Lydia wearing the dress at some point in time. But she changed into her pajamas after we got home from church on Sunday before I could get a picture or two. :-\

What I will sew next?

Well, I have pattern pieces cut out for a dress for Hannah. I want to sew that soon, but with Easter coming up I don’t know how much of that I will sew. I plan on helping Mama with Easter dresses some. So…

Oh, and I am sorry for the lack of pictures. I thought I had taken more, but I was wrong. :-\


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