Snippets from my WIP

I would give you a titled for my WIP…but I haven’t a clue what to call it yet. :-\ But regardless of whether or not it has a title I am still going to share some snippets from it. 😀 First though, here is a little blurb.

Just so you know, I am very bad at writing blurbs. So I am not going to do that. But I will give you some idea of what my book it about.

It is a fantasy book about a girl who wakes up in a strange country with no memory of who she is.

Just so you know all the snippets I am going to share with you are from the first draft which I am in the process of writing.


‘What do you do when you wake up with no memory of who you are? No memory of your past? No memory of anything what so ever?’

‘I smiled, hopefully sweetly, at the two women who stood gaping at me.’

‘The woman looked like she wasn’t to slap me. I imagine she could slap really hard to, probably had had some practice at it as well. I made another mental note to myself to not give her reason to slap me.’

‘The woman’s eyes were no longer just sharp. They were sharp and cold. I imagine death felt similar to the feeling her gaze was giving me. She didn’t speak and neither did I. We just sat there, her killing me with her gaze and me sitting there like an idiot, not doing anything.’

‘The horse moved past us in a pace that here meant only one thing, someone was hurt. No one thought to see who was riding the horse, they just hurried after it. The girls nearly dragged me along the road in their haste to get to the horse and rider and see what had happened. Logging accidents were not uncommon here. You could feel the urgency and fear in the air as people flocked after the horse and rider. You could hear the prayers being whispered, prayers begging that family would be safe.

And then all of that turned to irritation and disgust in a mere second, the moment we discovered that it was just a stranger.’

‘Carl snorted. “Sorry Breanne, the girls haven’t been out to gossip yet.”

I glared at him. “Very funny.”’

‘I grinned at the plate of sliced bread. It smelt like his famous ginger bread. I wasted no time in pulling it closer to me. “I am on the top of the world, Brother Curtis.”’

‘“Do you know why our visitor, David, was here?” Brother Curtis looked up from the table.

I grinned cheekily. “No, but I bet you do.”’

‘“Go on child,” An old woman finally said. “Tell us your story.”’

‘“Don’t just stand there gawking.” The dragon said, a little puff of smoke curling up from its nostrils. “I don’t suppose you have any books with you? It is dreadfully boring up here.”’

And because I couldn’t help myself, I am going to give you a bigger snippet, which happens to be my most recently written bit.

The dragon cleared his throat as if preparing to announce some important event or person. “My name is Abbey.”

I admit, I couldn’t help at laugh at this. The dragon, Abbey, did not find this amusing. I tried to calm myself. “You are joking right?”

Abbey glared at me. “Do I look as if I am joking?”

I gave him a half smile. “Not really. But seriously Abbey? Who on earth named you?”

“My mother.” Abbey said dryly.

“Abbey is a girl’s name.”

“No it is not. It can be either boy or girl.” Abbey snarled.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! Which of the snippets was your favorite?


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  1. Abbie C. says:

    Your book sounds like so much fun! ? My favorite snippet was when the dragon asked for a book to read. He sounds like a really good character.
    -Abbie C.

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