Monday’s Minutes

Tis Monday, my friends! And so I bring thee Monday’s Minutes. 😀 Of which I won second place on last weeks prompt! That was a rather nice surprise to receive this afternoon. 🙂

This week my prompt is based on the picture prompt:

My entry is: 267

Flames danced on Michal’s hands and fingers. If his face said anything he enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t. I refused to take my eyes off his hands, scared that if I looked away from the flames for one second the whole forest would erupt into flames…again. Michal’s brow furrowed a second before his whole arm was covered in the flames. That danced up and down his arm.
“I don’t think that it would be hard to convince Michal to light you up.”
I turned to find Chrissy smirking at me. “Yeah, I don’t think it would be hard to convince any that we should just tie you to a tree and leave you here.”
Chrissy rolled her eyes. “I would love that. I would get some peace and quiet then. When you do leave me, make sure you leave a book or two as well. I wouldn’t want to be bored.”
I glared at Chrissy and turned back to Michal. His whole body was now covered in flames.
“Micky! Please cut it off!” I hollered across the camp to where Michal stood. “The site of those flames are driving me insane.”

Michal turned to look at me. “My name is Michal.”
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever man.”
“Should I spell it for you? M-I-”
“I know how to spell your name!” My voice was even louder now.
Chrissy snickered. “He may know how to spell your name, Michal, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to say it.”
Michal and Chrissy shared a grin and a laugh. I glared at them and stomped off.

Hope you guy guys enjoyed! If you enjoy writing be sure to hope over to Tessa’s blog and join in the challenge.


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4 Responses to Monday’s Minutes

  1. Allison McCurdy says:

    I love it!:) Quick question, though. Why is Michal on fire? I can’t really get past that. Does he have some sort of super powers?:)

    • Mary says:

      Yes, it is a super power. This is based off of a book I plan on writing eventually. Basically what happens in scientist operate on some kids, trying to create super-humans. They (the scientist) think they have failed but they couldn’t find any change in the kids. It isn’t until after the kids escape from the place they are being kept at that they find out that the scientist had actually succeeded.

  2. Natalie Taft says:

    Ooh, good job!! What and interesting story idea, by the way. I would definitely read it if it was a book! ^-^

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