Monday’s Minutes

This week my Monday’s Minute entry is based off of the picture prompt (submitted by Maddie):

At the moment I have no idea what I am going to write, but I am a planster so no surprise there….



Her nails clicked against the glass cup as she reached to grabbed it. Her face was tranquil as she turned to face us. A smile spread across her face. “A drink?”

We shook our head no, still saying nothing, just watching. She shrugged and walked back towards her throne.  The sound of her shoes as they hit the floor was the only sound that echoed about the room. She sat down on her throne, longing backward and propping her feet on a small footstool.

“You wanted something?” She asked idly, as she swished her wine about the cup.

My sister cleared her throat. “Yes, actually we did.”

The woman looked down at my sister as she was the most uninteresting person to ever grace the earth.

My sister clear her throat again. “We-we want to see one of your prisoners.”

The woman feet slid off the stool and hit the floor with a loud thunk, followed by her wild laughter. “One of my prisoners? Darling, I don’t keep prisoners. It is too much work to have to fed them, and they get so dirty.” She shivered. “No, dear, I think that would be quite impossible. I don’t have any prisoners.”

My sister look over at me, her eyes wide. I cleared my throat and took a small step forward.

“Where are all of your prisoners? I mean, what did you do with them.”

The woman looked over at me, the same bored expression still on her face, she laughed as if I was a little child who had asked a dumb question. “Why I killed them of course!”

Death. He was dead. The one person that could have helped us was now dead. Horror flood my senses and I remember nothing more than being dragged out of the queen’s palace and thrown out into the streets.


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  1. Allison McCurdy says:

    Wonderful!:) You certainly know how to leave people on a cliff-hanger!:)

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