Due to request…

Due to request I have decided to write another little snippet about the same character in this monday’s minutes!

I plan on writing a book about this characters, I have a really great idea for one too, but I am busy with my WIP right now. So this will have to do for now!

I grinned, pupping my fist in the air a few times, did some pretend punches. “Whoo! We are out of that place.”

“Yeah and we need to stay out of it.” Michael said pushing past me.

I stopped celebrating our victory. Chrissy gave me an exasperated look as she walked past me. She was followed by Tori who gave me a curious look. I shrugged and followed after them.

“So,” I called. “What do we do now?”

“We find some where quiet to settle down and enjoy our life as wanted criminals.” Michael replied.

“What fun is that?” I scratched my head. “I really think you guys need to really consider being superheros.”

Chrissy turned around. “Seriously? I wish I could say the tests did something to your brain, but since you were this stupid before…”

I glared at her. “Why are you always so rude?”

Chrissy ignored me. Not that I cared, with her saying that I was delusional all the time. I took a big step so that I was walking beside Tori.

“So, what did you do to get locked up in there?” I jerked my hand back to where we had come from.

Tori eyed me for a moment as if debating whether she should share her past with me or not. “I am a criminal.”

“Duh! We all are.” I caught Chrissy glaring at me. “Well, all except Chrissy. According to her she was accidentally locked up.”

Tori laughed. “I don’t doubt it. Chrissy is a sweet girl.”

Tori was delusional, just like Michael. Why did everyone think Chrissy was such a nice person. All she ever did was call me things like ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’. I shook my head, nothing Chrissy did ever made sense. But then she was a girl and nothing girls do ever really makes sense.

Michael led us on, deeper into the woods, until I finally couldn’t take the walking anymore and started complaining. He response to this was to mutter something about killing me and then to call out to the others that we were stopping. Everything was going just fine. We settled down to rest for the night. I suggested a small fire. Then the next thing I knew the whole fire was a blaze, and we were running for our lives.


I am afraid that isn’t too great of a snippet. I don’t think I write really well when I bounce around. I prefer to start at the begining of the story and work straight through until the end. But that is going to have to do for now. Next week I am probably going to post a little blurb for my WIP or this books. I don’t know which. 🙂


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  1. Allison McCurdy says:

    I love your story. It’s really exciting!:)

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