Monday’s Minutes

The prompt I am using for Monday’s Minutes was submitted by Esther, and is: “Sun? In July? You’ve got to me kidding me!”

My entry is: 208 words

“Sun? In July? You’ve got to me kidding me!”
I turned and glared at Hagen. “If you interrupt my story one more time I might just have to kill you.”
The children, who were my audience, snickered. I turned back to them, rolling my eyes as I did. “Like I was saying, the sun was shining brightly on that hot day in July.”
“But Marjorie,” One of the children protested. “We don’t have any sun down here.”
I smiled condescendingly. “No, we do not have sun down here. But if you live up on top you do?”
“I bet the sun shines all the time.” One girl said dreamily.
I rolled my eyes. “The sun does not shine all the time. They have ‘night time’ just like we do. Except up there the sun goes away and something called a moon shines in its place.”
The girl wrinkled her nose. “That doesn’t make any sense.”
I shrugged. “Who said it was suppose to?”
“Me!” Hagen shouted.
I whirled around, throwing the closest thing I could find at him. Hagen laughed and threw it back. “Next time you should throw something other than your hat if you aim to cause me some harm.”
I glared after Hagen’s retreating form.



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