The Littles

I am here to share some pictures for you. These will all be from 2015, due to the fact that the pictures from this year haven’t synced on my computer yet.

Hannah. I am not really sure what she was doing. But it was raining outside when this picture was taken.

This was on the same rainy day. I think they were superheros or something like that. Except for Sarah (the on in black) she looks like she was dancing. 🙂

Martha Ann. 😀

Ezra Jeremiah. Who will be TWO in June!!! He is growing up WAY to fast.


This picture is from August…

Martha being silly. 🙂

Well that is all for now. For some reason I could find a lot of pictures of the littles caught doing silly things. :-\ I guess we need to take more pictures of them. 🙂


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