Monday’s Minutes

This week I’ll be using the prompt submitted by Savannah P:

arrow, leaf, wolf

My entry is 208 words

My arrow whistled through the air. To one who is trying to me quiet, everything seems to be twice as loud. I was trying to be quiet, so naturally I winced when my arrow shot through the air sounding like a I had just let a wet, screeching cat out of a bag. It must have seemed the way to the man who was watching me from a near by tree, because he winced too. I pretended I didn’t notice when he nearly fell out of the tree early when he saw who my companion was. I smirked at the thought of his terrified face. I glanced over at my companion, my secret companion. No one knew he existed and if they did he would be long dead. I scratched my wolf behind the ears. He growled with pleasure and I allowed myself a small smile. Such was the life.

A leaf fluttered to the ground. Fall was fast approaching. I bent down and covered up my foot print with a colorful arrangement of red and gold leaves. I doubted that anyone would even imagine that I had been out here. I gave Wolf one last rub before I left him and the stranger alone in the forest.

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  1. Allison says:

    I love that! Wish I knew the rest of the story! It sounds really interesting!??

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