Creating Your Storyworld

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Today I bring to you and post about creating your storyworld. A thing I find very fun. 😀

So lets get to it!

First you need to consider you Genre. This is important, because it can determine a lot of things about your world. Things like the weapons they use, the houses they live in, whether or not your world will have magic in it, I am sure you get the point. You need to know what Genre you are writing.

Second, consider the Landscape. Depending on what Genre you write, you may or may not have created your own world. If you are writing fantasy, you probably have. But you could be writing a contemporary novel, that is based in a city/town that you have made up. Regardless you need to consider what the landscape looks like. This can help with a lot of things in your story such as when you are describing things.
And if you have just done something like, made up a town/city in the real world, you may want to look at the surrounding areas to see what the landscape there is like. I mean you really don’t want to be writing about a town/city that is practical a desert, but it is only five miles away from a farming community.

Third, consider the Climate and Weather. Weather is important. And discovering what the landscape is like plays a big role in what the weather and climate is like. Climate and Weather can help set the mood for your story. And even if you don’t mention it, little things like this will make your story fuller.

Fourth, your Cities/Towns. Of course, everything connects here, and your landscape can play a big role in this. Such as what kind of buildings would be in your cities/towns, how the cities/towns are built and maybe even the conditions of the roads. (no detail is to small to consider) Maybe you have cities/towns that do a certain thing. Like maybe one town in your world (if you created you own world for your WIP) mines, and another has orchards. Think of the different districts in the Hunger Games, they all had a role they played in supporting the Capitol.

And last but no lest, consider important Landmarks and Objects.  I don’t think that I have any important landmarks in my story, at lest not right now. And most of my books are past the first draft stage so some of them may end up with some later one. Landmarks in a story can be important to the characters and your story line. Depending on how it is being written. I read a book once, I can’t remember what it was called, but it was about a girl who had recently lost her mother. Her mother made these beautiful metal birds out of scrape metal, and so these birds and other things that her mother had made kept recurring in the story. They were important for the character to learn to cope with the loss of her mother, and they were important to the story. Things that are important to the characters becomes important to us, as readers.

With landmarks, not only can they help your story, but it can also help the readers. I find the landmarks help me a lot with the geography of the story-world. So recurring landmarks can be very helpful to the reader as well.

Is there anything thing you would like to this? Do you have any tips you keep in mind while you are creating your storyworld?

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