Monday’s Minutes

I love being late on Monday’s Minutes. Honestly guys. If I say I’ll post it on a Monday, I always post it on a Tuesday. If I say I’ll post on Tuesday I either post on Monday, Wednesday or never post it at all.

I am talented. 😛

This week I am writing an entry with this prompt: bus, phone booth, calendar

My entry is:

I shoved a bagel in my face. I had college classes to get to I couldn’t just sit around here all day zoning out into a empty space in front of me. I rubbed my eye, wishing the sleepiness away. I drowned the last bite of my bagel in orange juice, before dragging myself to my feet again.
Hobbling down the hallway because I forgot by crutches in the kitchen I slowly made my way back into the room. I collapsed on my bed, my eyes straying up to the calendar that hung on the wall. I frowned when I read what I had written down for today. Clean out the phone booth? What was that suppose to mean? In all the years I had lived in American I had never once seen a Phone booth. So why would I have to clean one out?
A quick glance at the clock convinced me that worrying about what I had written down on the calendar wasn’t more important to getting to my classes on time. I snatched my bag up off the bed and stumbled down the hall to the kitchen, where I grabbed my crutches and hurried out of the door.
The bus was just pulling away from the curb at the end of the road when I stepped out of my front door. I groaned in dismay. Now how was I going to get to school?
I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I jerked around startled. An old woman stood beside me a rather creepy smile on her face. How on earth did she get behind me? I was standing on my front porch, there was no possible way for her to be behind me.
“Would you like you normal transportation to school?” The woman asked me winking.
I looked at her, my mind screamed creep, but part of me wanted to know what she was talking about. The doctor told me that I would probably suffer memory loss from the blow I took to my head, and apparently he was speaking the truth. I looked off down the road at where the bus had just disappeared around the corner. I turned back to the woman. “Yes, thank you.”

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