Monday’s Minutes

Hey Guys!

Today for the Monday’s Minute Challenge I am going to using this prompt:

The fog lifted for a moment, just long enough to see.

-submitted by Esther

My entry is 268 words long

The fog lifted for a moment, just long enough to see. Just long enough for us all to see. For us all to see our parents die. I wish in the moment I had know what was going to happen, so that I could have shielded my little sister from the sight. But I didn’t know, and she saw.

At first she had no idea what she had saw, but when she was older, she remembered and then she knew. There was no way that she could not understand what had happened that night. Not when it was clear that our parents had died, that they were dead.

Just like I wasn’t prepared for her to see them die, I was prepared for how she would react to realizing it.

Her mind was too young, too innocent to handle the way our parents had died. To handle the truth of it all. It was too harsh, too cold. And it hit her in the stomach knocking her down, where no one could reach her.

Especially me.

It was my fault really. I should have never admitted that it was my fault that our parents died. Even when she pushed me into telling her. I admitted it all.

I admitted that in order to save myself and her that I sold my parents over to the king, knowing that they would die.

That was the biggest mistake of my life. One that I will never forget…or stop regretting.

I would give up everything I had now, the power, the wealthy, my home…everything to have my parents back.

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  1. Shelby says:

    That was amazing!! I loved reading it! 🙂

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