Monday’s Minutes

This week I will be using the prompt submitted by Esther: Handkerchief, ink and ice.

My Entry is 184 words long.

I wrapped a few pieces of ice into my handkerchief and press the handkerchief again my little sister’s scrapped knee. She watched my quietly, tears still fresh in her eyes.

I smiled at her, hoping that it would calm her. “Just hold the ice to your knee for a little bit, then we will put a band-aid on it.”

My little sister sniffled a little but she smiled back up at me. “Okay.”

I move behind my sister and started to unbutton her dress. I pulled the dress up off her head, and handed her a clean tee-shirt.

“So, Leah.” I said slowly. “Can I get an explanation on how you scrapped your knee, and why there is ink on your dress.”

Leah shook her head at me, “I can’t, Molly. It is a secret.” She sounded as if she was going to cry again.

I sighed. I wasn’t going to pester her about it. Mom or Dad could talk to her later. Maybe she would tell them. I carried Leah’s dress the laundry room and rubbed some stain remover on the ink stain.

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4 Responses to Monday’s Minutes

  1. Nice. I like it. It is a lot happier than what I thought of when I saw the prompts. 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thanks! My Mom actually had to make sure she was on the right blog when she read it. She said it was so unlike me to write something that didn’t have some sort of violence in it. lol

  2. Allison McCurdy says:

    Hey!?I love the story. It’s very intriguing.? And i likethefact that its calm. But it still makes you want to know just what happened.

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