Chapter Six – Just a Dinner Party

Guys, I have discovered that I labeled a lot of my previous chapters wrong. Apparently number two is no longer a number. I skipped right over it, I went from chapter one to chapter three. :-\

But today guys, I bring you the real chapter six. Not that last chapter I posted, which was actually chapter five. (encase you were wondering) 😛

Chapter Six
Just a Dinner Party

The first night was just a dinner party. All of the guests were there. Those who lived nearby came, and those who were staying at the Wenston’s house came. The large dining room in the Wenston’s estate was full.
Helene found herself sitting beside one of the young men that Emma and herself had seen earlier that day. She forced herself to smile pleasantly at him. Then she turned the other way to look at were Emma was sitting, about six people down the table. Emma grimaced at her. Helene couldn’t help but smile. Emma mouthed something to her, but Helene couldn’t understand a word she mouthed. She just shrugged and turned to smile at Karl, who was place across the table from her.
The young man tapped her one the shoulder. She turned to look at him, a smile pasted on her face.
“Hullo!” He said in a strong British accent, with a hint of Scottish. “I don’t think we have met yet”
“We haven’t.” Helene said.
The man raised his eye brows. “You’re American? You must have had a long way to travel.”
“Actually I didn’t. I attend the same University as Malcolm and Emma. The Wenston’s were kind enough to let me come home with Malcolm and Emma when the winter break started.” Helene said.
“Oh, well, I am Lionel.”
“I am Helene.”
Everyone’s attention was brought to the head of the table, as Mr. Wenstons said a prayer. When he finished all the chatter continued, and the eating began.
Helene ate her food in silence, making sure that she didn’t look at Lionel. He made her nervous, and she didn’t want him to think that they were friends.
“Where did you live when you were here?” Lionel asked.
Helene, who was looking down the opposite side of the table, gave Karl a look as she turned to face Lionel.
“She shared a room with Emma.” Karl butted in.
Helene gave Karl a grateful look.
Lionel frowned at him. “Who are you?”
Karl glared at him. “I am her friend that is who I am.”
Lionel snorted. “I doubt it. A girl like her wouldn’t be friends with someone like you.”
“I am friends with him!” “A girl like what?” Karl and Helene spoke at the same time. Karl snarled at Lionel and Helene’s voice was filled with indignation.
Lionel looked at the both for a while. He decided to continue on eating his food, since they both were clearly angry at him and the other people around them were starting to stare at them.
Helene and Karl exchanged a look. A young lady, who was sitting beside Karl, spoke up.
“How is your Mum doing?” She asked.
Karl shrugged. “As well as can be expected.”
The younger lady smiled at Karl, her smiled wasn’t a cheerful smile, but a smile of sympathy. Helene felt wrinkles of confusion form on my forehead. What was wrong with his Mother? She didn’t even know he had a Mother.
The young lady turned her smile toward Helene and it changed as she looked at her. Now it was a normal smile, a smile of happiness. “I am Lavina. Karl and I went to school together as kids and he often came and stayed at my house when his mother was in the hospital.”
Helene smiled back at Lavina. “I am Helene. It is nice to meet you.”
“Were you born in America?” Lavina asked, “Or did you just live there?”
Helene quickly swallowed a mouth full of potatoes so that she could answer the questions. “I was born in America. I had never been here before, until I came here to a university.”
Lavina nodded her head slowly. “Did you go with Karl?”
Helene smiled, nodding my head quickly. “Yes! I also went with Triss, and Malcolm and Emma Wenston.”
Lavina grinned now. “That must have been fun, going to college with some of the Wenstons. I haven’t been around them a lot, but from what I have seen of them they are a happy lot.”
Helene smiled. “Yes, they are.”
Lavina didn’t say any more that night and neither did Helene. Karl, Lavina and Helene all ate in a peaceably silence, ignoring the few rude comments Lionel said in an poor attempt to get them to talk again.

What do you guys think of Lionel? Lavina, I love that name. I am considering bringing her back in the story again later. What do you guys think?

(btw, I updated all of my pages, so be sure to check those out!)

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