“Your one of us?”

Hey guys! I am posting one of those prompts again. 🙂 It has been a while since I have posted one of those, but I am doing one today.

“Your one of us?” The man’s mouth has dropped and he was staring at me in shock.
I wrench my hand from him, and snatched up my bags from where they had fallen.
“What does it look like?” I snarled.
“B-but how? There has never been a girl Leaper before.” The man stuttered.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize that because there had never been a girl Leaper before mean that there never could be.” I snapped at him.
“I am sorry!” The man said, he looked genially sorry about it. “I didn’t mean it like that.”
I raised my eyebrows. “And how exactly did you mean it?”
The man opened and shut his mouth a few times trying to find something to say.
I turned on my heels and began to walk away. I didn’t have time to hang around people who couldn’t even talk.
“Wait!” The man leaped towards me and grabbed my arm. “Who are you?”
Anger filled my heart at memories of my past. “I am dead.” I said in a hoarse whisper. “I was murder when I was a little girl.”
I jerked away from the man again and stormed off towards the barn. I didn’t turn back to look at the man again but I didn’t have to see the confused look on his face.

What doth you think of this little bit?

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