Chapter Five – A Day Out!

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Chapter Five
A Day Out!
On the twenty first, Helene and Emma spent the day out shopping. The previous night they had sat up in Emma’s room and planned that Malcolm would drop the off in town, they would hang around and do some shopping, and then Malcolm would pick them up at the dress shop, where they would get their dresses for the ball. After that Malcolm would take them to the station where they would meet Karl and Triss. It was all planned out perfectly, and the day was going to be gorgeous. A bright sun was already shinning down on them, and the air was nice and fresh…and cold. But bundled up warmly, and enjoying each other’s company, the girls hardly noticed the cold.
They spent the first few minutes in a clothes shop, spending a good deal of their money. Then they decided they would cross the street to the tea shop and get some tea.
“Tillie would have loved to have come.” Emma said absent mindedly, as she stared out the window.
Helene smiled. “You could have brought her, I wouldn’t have minded.”
Emma grinned. “I know you wouldn’t have. I was going to let her come, but Mum wanted her to stay at home.”
Helene took a sip of her tea. It was delicious, the taste of the chocolate tea mingling with the fresh cream. Helene took another sip of her tea and followed Emma’s gaze out of the window.
There was a group of young men standing on the other side of the street. They were laughing and joking with each other.
Helene turned to make a funny remark to Emma, only to find that she was glaring at the group of men.
“What’s wrong, Em?” Helene asked, worried.
Emma looked away from the window. “Those boy’s, that’s what is wrong. They are so stuck up and prideful. And guess where they will be for the next couple of days?” Emma angrily took a sip of her tea.
Helene was silent; she wasn’t sure what to say. She finished her tea and setting her cup down carefully on the table she stood up.
“I am going to the bathroom to wash up, I will be back.”
Emma nodded, and watched her friend walk off.
Soon Helene was back and Emma was ready to get out of the tea shop.
“It is about three o’clock now.” Helene said. “We probably should head straight to the dress shop and get out dresses and then wait for Malcolm to pick us up.”
Emma nodded. “Good idea.”
The girls set off down the street for the dress shop. It wasn’t a long way off so they just walked.
Helene’s dress was green. The top had an overlay of sparkling sequins, the shimmered silver when the dress moved. The bottom was just a plan green skirt.
Emma’s dress had a base of green, but on the skirt, it had over laying fabrics of blue and purple, going all around the skirt.
Both of the girls gushed over each other’s dresses, until the store clerk came and told them that there was a young man waiting outside for them.
Emma and Helene hurried towards the door, laughing together.
They were greeted at the station with the site of their friends. Triss’s gentle and happy face, and Karl’s grumpy face, which was grumpier than normal.
After talking and laughing at the station, they hurried back to the car and piled in, ready to head back to the house. While the girls in the back discussed what they were wearing to the ball, Karl and Malcolm talked quietly in the front seat.

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