Chapter Five – The First Quests Arrive

Hey Guys! I am here with Chapter Five of Cinderella. 😀

Chapter Five
The First Guests arrive
The night before the Christmas ball began, the guest began to arrive. All of them were from well to do families, like the Wenstons. At the same time Helene began to fill terribly out of place.
The first guest arrived, right as she and Malcolm came galloping up to the house, hot and sweaty. Malcolm took it all in a stride. He didn’t seem to care if people saw him all hot and sweaty. But Helene minded, a lot.
Malcolm swung down off his horse and taking a step forward greeted the guest, a family of four. Helene remained sitting on the horse until Malcolm gestured for her to come over to where he was. Helene swung down off her horse and walked slowly over to Malcolm’s side.
“Mr. and Mrs. Bougher, Abigail and Seth, this is my friend Helene.” Malcolm said with a grin.
Mr. and Mrs. Bougher, a middle age couple, smiled at me. Mrs. Bougher smile had a hint of sympathy. There seemed to be a understanding between the two of us, that I would never have introduced myself in the state that I was in. Abigail was a younger girl of seventeen, and all she seemed to want to do was to get into the house and where ever she would be staying for the night so that she could play on her phone, and Seth a boy of eighteen seemed to want to do the same. After a few minutes of Mr. Bougher and Malcolm talking for a while, while we all stood by idle, the Boughers went inside and Malcolm and I finished I ride to the stables.
As soon as I was done putting the horse I had ridden up, I hurried into the house, and took the quickest route to my room. After a quick shower, and fresh clean clothes, I made my way down the stairs. Only to be greeted by more guest. Mrs. Wenston was at the door with Mr. Wenston greeting the guest as they arrived. And after having introduced me to three different families, and one elderly couple, she quietly told me where Em was, and so I slipped away without being noticed by anyone.
I found Em exactly where Mrs. Wenston had said she would be, in the kitchen. She was chatting up a storm with Tillie, while they watched the cook mix up the batter for the cake we were having that night after dinner.
“Helene, what do you think, should Phyllis make the cake with chocolate frosting or vanilla?” Emma said when she saw Helene walk in.
Helene felt her face light up into a smile. “Chocolate!”
Tillie frowned and crossed her arms. “Maybe I don’t trust you anymore.”
Emma and Helene laughed.

So what do you think? What would you have said, Chocolate or Vanilla?

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