Chapter Four – The Wenstons

Hey Guys! Here is chapter four, of Cinderella.

Chapter Four
The Wenstons
It wasn’t until early December that Helene moved in with the Wenstons. She had had a pretty uneventful semester at school, and after all the exams she had taken, and papers she had to write, she was looking forward to her graduation at the end of the school year.
So on December fifteenth Helene traveled with Malcolm and Em to their house in the country. Helene was nervous about meeting Em’s and Malcolm’s family. Em and Malcolm were nice a friendly to almost everyone they met, but that didn’t mean their family was. And what if their family didn’t like her? She didn’t know if she could live with the knowledge that her best friend’s family didn’t like her.
Malcolm snored, startling Helene. She turned her head around to look at him. He was sound asleep, his mouth had fallen open. She smirked. Em grinned at her from over the top of the book she was reading.
“I think I am going to walk to the dining car and see what snacks they might have.” Helene said, pulling herself to her feet.
Em smiled. “Don’t get lost.”
Helene rolled her eyes. “I won’t.”
Em went back to her book, and Helene careful stepping over Malcolm’s leg walked out into the aisle.
Helene entered the dining car to find it empty. She hesitated a moment, wondering whether or not she should go in and find a seat or not. Helene let the door fall shut behind her when she saw the cook was still in the kitchen, most likely working on whatever was going to be served for dinner that night. Helene hurried towards the counter. The cook looked up at her as she did.
“Do you have anything in here that I could snack on?” Helene asked.
The cook looked at her for a moment without saying anything. “Why?”
“I am hungry, and want something to snack on.”
The cook narrowed her eyes at Helene. “I have an apple.”
Helene shrugged. “Okay. I’ll take it.”
The cook fetched the apple and gave it to Helene. Helene found herself a quiet place to sit at and after grabbing and random magazine to look at; she began to eat the apple.
Helene had been in the dining car for some time. She had been in there long enough to finish her apple, but not quite long enough for her to finish the magazine. She was on the last page of the book, when she noticed an older women watching her from a nearby table.
Helene shut the magazine. “Hello.”
“Are you Helene Milton?” The women said bluntly.
Helene was taken aback. How did this woman know her name? “Yes.” She said slowly.
The woman nodded, and smile appearing on her face. She looked somewhat familiar. “I thought so. I am Emilie Wenston.”
Helene just smiled at her, not sure why the women told her that.
After a while of the two of them staring at each other silently, the women spoke again. “I am Emma and Malcolm Wenston’s Grandmother.”
Recognition dawned on Helene’s face. She smiled broadly. “Oh! I am traveling with Em and Malcolm now; we are on our way to their house.”
“I know.” Emilie said, a smile on her face that was very much like a smile I have seen on Malcolm’s face a thousand times.
“Are you going the same way?” Helene asked.
Emilie nodded. “Yes, I will be staying at my Son’s house until the twenty-seventh.”
Helene smiled. Emilie smiled back.
When the cab pulled up in front of the Wenston’s house, the door of the house flew open, and two kids came running out of the house screaming. One was a boy, about twelve years old and the other was a girl, who was about nine. They were followed by a tall lanky teen age boy who was desperately trying to look dignified. Malcolm grinned and pushed the door of the cab open. He stepped out and jerking his hand out he caught the girl by the arm and after throwing her up in the air, he began to tickle her. The boy laughed and grabbing his arm tried to pull him into the house so he could show him something. Em opened the other door and climbed out of the cab. She grinned at Helene.
“Come on, Helene, my siblings won’t hurt you.” She took Helene’s hand and helped her out of the cab.
Helene stood up and began to follow Em around the car. The cab that carried Emilie pulled up behind the other cab.
The girl, who had been released by Malcolm, ran over to where Helene and Emma stood.
“Are you Helene?” She asked, after giving Em and big hug.
Helene grinned. “Yep!”
The girl gasped and looked at Em in horror. “She is American!”
Helene and Emma dissolved into laughter.
“I am not a bad sort of American.” I said between laughs.
The girl frowned at me, clearly not trusting me.
“She is fine, Tillie. Why don’t you go and help the boys get the stuff in the house.” Em said, still laughing.
By the time Helene had washed up for dinner. She had been given a full tour of the house, seen her bed room, and was told that it had the best view in the house. And was introduced to the two boys, George was older boy and Tristan was the younger boy. She was also informed that that the parents were ‘out’. The Tillie informed her, that if she could ride Malcolm’s stallion that she would trust her.
That night Helene planned to get riding lessons from the Wenston’s groom.

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