Chapter Three – Back in England

Hey guys! At lest I am still on time with this one. 😉 This chapter is a bit shorter than I would like, and nothing extremely exciting happens in this one. But here you go!

Chapter Three – Back in England

It was late August when Helene’s flight to England landed in a busy airport in London. She had agreed to spend the days leading up to the first days back in school at Triss’s house. She had neatly avoided going to Em’s and Malcolm’s house, knowing that they would want to know if you would be coming to the Christmas Ball of not. She didn’t want to answer those questions, not right now.
Helene dragged her bags behind her, and weaving her way through the busy crowd she quickly checked out of the airport and located her friend. But Triss was not alone. She forced herself not to be upset to see the grinning faces of Malcolm and Em. Why should she be upset to see them? They are her friends. Helene took a deep breath and hurried over to where they stood.
Helene couldn’t help but grin when she saw the grinning faces of Malcolm and Emma. Before she knew what had happened she found herself enveloped in a hug. Emma gave her a squeeze before letting go of her.
“I have missed you so much!” Emma said, laughing a little.
Malcolm laughed. “Still wearing that green dress? I could swear that you liked me.”
Helene tried not to blush, but failed. She glanced down at her green dress, and ran her hands down over the front of it, brushing off some crumbs from her lunch on the plane.
“Just because you said you liked it on me and just because I happen to like it as well doesn’t mean that I like you.” I said, finally looking back up.
Malcolm laughed and picked up my bags. I gave Triss a quick hug. Then Triss and Emma each grabbed one of my arms and we hurried to catch up with Malcolm, who was already outside of the airport.
To my surprise Emma did not once ask me why I didn’t come and stay with them, and she didn’t even ask if I was going to come to the ball or not.
The first thing they did together was to go and get some afternoon tea at a tea shop in London. Even after almost four years of spending almost all of those years in England Helene still found it amusing to have afternoon tea. So afternoon tea it was for the group.
They were there far longer than they probably should have; they didn’t leave the tea shop until they realized that is was almost six o’clock. Then they all rushed out as quickly as they could. Malcolm and Em so that they could catch the train back home, and Triss and Helene so that they could drive to Triss’s house in time to eat dinner with her family.
All in all it was a delightful day for Helene, it was nice to be back home, well, that is England.

So what do you guys think of my action-less chapter today? 😉

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2 Responses to Chapter Three – Back in England

  1. Aurelie says:

    Not to bad. The image is pretty. I still like it but I have a twinge that Helene wouldn’t go to the Christmas ball. And I am hoping so. Can’t wait for the chapter four to come soon.

    Keep up 😉

    • Mary says:

      I must admit, I wasn’t planning on finishing the story, just because I had so many stories roaming about my head that I am trying to write. But your comments have been rather encouraging and I just might finish the story now. 😉

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