Chapter Two – An Invitation

Hey guys! When you are reading this I will probably will still be in my drivers ed class. 😀 I love being able to schedule post when I will busy and unable to post on here. Okay, so here is my chapter: (btw, sorry I don’t have a image. I didn’t have time to get one put together for this chapter. :-\ )

Chapter Two – An Invitation
The relationship between Helene and her British friends grew, and she was great friends with them all, even Karl. But nothing compared to the special bond she had with Malcolm and Em. She enjoyed every moment she spent with them. They were always willing to show her different things about England, and to laugh at the very American things that she said. And of course Helene enjoyed laughing at the Britishness of her friend. She never failed to share her day’s events with her family at home, especially her two sisters Athena and Daphne. Once Malcolm and Em stayed part of the summer at her home in Tennessee with her family. It was a very eventful summer.
Another summer was coming up on Helene, it was her last year here, and Em and Malcolm would be gone. They had promised their Grandmother that they would stay with her at her summer home in Scotland. And since it wasn’t there house they weren’t able to invite Helene to come, even though they wanted to. Triss was going to be away with her brother in Italy, and Karl was getting a summer job in London. Helene was left alone. Who knew when she would see her friends again? After the last semester of the year, she might never see them again.
Helene glanced around her room, making sure that she had everything that she needed packed up. She didn’t want to leave anything behind.
“Anything that you leave behind, I’ll look after!” Em said cheerfully.
“Thanks.” Helene said drily. “I am sure that makes me feel so much better.”
Em didn’t say anything for a moment. “Helene, I was playing. Malcolm and I would love to have you come with us to Scotland, but it’s not our home and Grandmother is picky about who she lets stay with her.”
I nodded my head. “I know. You have told me a thousand times.”
Em grinned at me. “Then relax. Malcolm and I don’t like how you are so tense all the time and so…grumpy.”
“Em! After this last semester, I may never see any of you guys again! I think I have a right to be a little upset about it.”
Em sighed. “But like I have said before, we have that whole semester to have fun in. Anyway, just because you might never come back here, doesn’t mean Malcolm and I won’t ever go to America.” She winked at me.
I smiled, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to be a grumpy, old stick in the mud so bad, but with Em around it was hard to be grumpy.
Helene nearly leapt out of her skin, two weeks later, when her sister Daphne came flying into the room. Her pig tails, streaming behind her and the skirt of her school uniform bouncing up and down as she ran. Daphne skidded to a stop in front of where Helene sat on a small couch she kept in her room. Helene looked at Daphne expectantly, she needed an explanation for why the quiet peacefulness of her room had been disturbed.
Daphne grinned, “Helene! You have a letter, from England!”
Helen snatched the letter from Daphne. She ran her hands over the front of the envelope, reading the address. She didn’t recognize it. She opened it as quickly as she could without ripping the envelope. She pulled a small silver card from the envelope.
It was an invitation to a Christmas ball, hosted my Malcolm’s and Em’s family. Her grinned froze on her face when she saw the dates. It was from the twenty-third to the twenty-six. She couldn’t go. There was no way she was going to leave her family here to celebrate Christmas alone. She would just kept it quiet, and not let them know that she had it. She looked up to see if Daphne was still there and to tell her not to tell anyone she had the letter. But it was too late, Daphne was already down stairs and she could hear her yelling to the whole world about her letter, and that it was an invitation. Helene sighed. If she knew her Mom like she thought she did, her Mom was going to do everything that she could to make sure Helene got to see her friends again.

So, what do you guys think, now that you have read two chapters? Which chapter do you like best? (I like chapter one. 😉 ) Who is your favorite character? I vote Em!! 😀

~TTFN, Mary

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  1. Aurelie says:

    Hi Mary,
    I think this looks interesting. Which chapter I like the best? Well I would say I like chapter one but I like the part from when Helene received the letter about Christmas ball. I think this is the best part of either chapter. But I feel sad, I hope Helene will be able to go to the invitation. That’s would be great! And I still like Helene and Emma though. Will be reading the next chapter 🙂

    Keep up 😉

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