No doubt about it…

I am late, but who cares. I lest I remembered I had forgotten, and am posting now. I mean I could have total forgotten until next week and then, well, we would have been in next week. 🙂

Today, I am going to continue on with this, but using a new prompt:

(Like the img?) 😉

btw, this picks up immediately at the end of the last bit I wrote.

 I groaned, abandoning my attempts at finding clean dishes so that I could fix something to eat. I then walked into my small storage room, to the shelf where I kept my rags. Thankful I actually washed my clothes. I grabbed some rags and hurried back into the main room. I threw some of the rags at his feet, I handed him a rag. Then after rather roughly showing him to the couch, I began to mop up the blood. I started a pile of dirty rags at the foot of the couch. I watched the man begin to clean up his wound.
“Can I get some water?” He asked hesitantly. I not so grudgingly as I made it out to be, got up and filled a surprisingly enough fairly clean bowl full of water. I brought it back to him, and sat back down. I continued watching him for a while.
“Is there anymore clean rags?” he asked.
“Nope,” I said.
He glanced about his persona and then ripped his pants legs. Soon he had a long strip of fabric that he neatly and tightly tied around his middle.
“There is a room down the hall with a bed in it, if you want to lie down.” I said, blandly.
The man nodded and began to pull himself to his feet.
“What is your name?” Curiosity got the best of me.
The man winced as he took a step. “Everyone has secrets,” he said. “That is mine.”
I glared at his retreating form. And that is when I noticed it. The small tattooed leaf on his wrist. There was no doubt about it, this man was a leaper. They all had that mark on their wrist.

What do you think? What do you think about a leaper?

TTFN, Mary

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