Story Worlds: Setting Link Up

I saw this link up via Wild Horse’s blog and I thought that it would be really neat for me to do. It would help me get to know my story world better, discover new things about it and all, and you guys get to learn about my story world as well.

Here are the Rules, for the Link Up:

-Take the Link Up theme picture and post it on your blog

– Show us two pictures of of your setting. Whether it be a place landmark, a map, or landscape.

– Answer the questions and when you are done, link back to one of the hosts blogs.

I’ll just go a head and link back before I proceed any further. This Link Up was started by Rachel Day and Adriana Gabrielle.

Here are two pictures of the Landscape of my story.

The Questions:

1) What is your genre? Cause that tends to determine what your setting will end up looking like.

My genre is Fantasy. πŸ™‚

2) What is the majority of the setting like is it more forest? Desert? Etc

Most of it is hills and forests. (There are some mountains though, and a sea side)

3) Has this world got a memorial landmarks of any kind. (Ex: hogwarts, etc etc)

I haven’t really thought of this before, and I don’t really know. I mean there is an old ruined palace, that the royal family used to live in before they moved closer inland and built themselves a different palace. But I think that is about all.

4) What is the transport like in this world? Do they have cars? Or do they ride around on horse and dragons?

On land they use horses and donkeys. Only Protectors ride dragons. A then there are ships for sailing at sea.

5) What time period is it set around. Have you used an concepts from Β historical era. (Ex, the hunger games has the element of the roman world.)

I am basing the time period off of the medevil times.

6) Who is in control in this world? Who is leading? Is it a Monarchy, or is it run by a Government? (and if so what kind of government?)

The King or Queen, depending on who inherited the throne. So far it has been kings, with maybe one or two very short lived queens thrown in the mix.

7) What are some of the laws this world has?

The basic, like no stealing, no murdering people, stuff like that. I haven’t really gone into depth about the law of my story world yet. I probably should do that some time soon.

8) What is the common religion of this world? And what are traditions they have?

There isn’t a common religion in this world. Some of the commoners are superstitious but that is all.

9) Are there any special Β (annual) events or holidays that are celebrated?

There are celebrations when Spring starts and when Fall starts. And during those times, farming villages help each other plant their crops in the Spring and harvest them in the Fall. For the more civilized towns, it is just a time where they celebrate the change of seasons. Many people just celebrate it with a feast and a party, with music, songs, poems and dancing.

Well, there you have it! If you would like to do this too, just click on one of their names at the top of the post. πŸ™‚

TTFN, Mary

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2 Responses to Story Worlds: Setting Link Up

  1. Wonderful post Mary! Thanks for joining in on Rachel’s and my linkup πŸ˜€ Your Fantasy world sounds wonderful and sounds very much like my story world for my fantasy novel! (Coolness! πŸ˜€ ) Thanks again for joining in the linkup πŸ˜€

    ~Adriana G.

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