Writing Prompt #1

Since the Monday’s Minute Challenge is only every other week, I have decided that I will (try to) do a post with a short story using a prompt that I have found.

This week I will be using this prompt:

‘You have the ability to freeze time. When you do everyone else freezes as well. One day you freeze time, and out the window you see a girl moving around.’

Titus wasn’t sure what was wrong, but he felt deep inside him that something was wrong. Something wasn’t right. He had frozen time again, a thing his parents had warned him about doing. Usually he was fine when he froze time, he could do anything he wanted and no one would know, or stop him from doing it. But this time something didn’t feel right.

Titus walked over to look out of his History class room window. Nothing. There was nothing out there but humans and animals frozen in their movements. It looked like a giant picture. Titus started to smile, but then he saw her. She was moving from roof top to roof top as if she was born jumping roofs. He gaped. What had happened? Other people were not suppose to be moving, all living things were suppose to be frozen. He stood there not even daring to speak as he watched her jump from roof to roof. Titus bolted from the room. He ran out side, and began to scan the roof tops. There she was. He ran down the road until he was in front of the same building she was on.

“Hey! Hey you!” He yelled.

The girl froze mid step, she didn’t move for a while and thenĀ  she slowly turned her head to look at him. “You can see me?”

Even though Titus heard what the girl said, he was sure she had whispered the words. “Yeah, why shouldn’t I see you?” He asked, confused why he wouldn’t see her.

“Because I am not real.”

Well, there you go. What do you think?

TTFN, Mary

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