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I have had a lot of people ask me what my book is about. Each time it could have been about different books, depending on which was WIP at the time. The most recent person to ask me this question was Hope Brockway. And so I have finally taken the time to put together the Back cover blurb for my current WIP, the one that Hope asked me about.



This is the back cover blurb for my WIP called Keeping Heart. I have been thinking a lot about the title and I don’t think it fits the book, so I will eventually set that title aside for a different book (I will probably use it for the third book in this trilogy) and replace it with a better one. But right now I don’t have a title to replace it with so, Keeping Heart it is right now.

Breanne Joy finds herself in Lunaeld once more. It has been almost two years since she was last in Lunaeld. During that time her family and herself has moved from the home she had always lived at in West Virginia, to Massachusetts. Breanne seems determine to hate living there, until she meets her friends Anna and Jonathan at her school. Breanne isn’t sure how she got into Lunaeld, one minute she was with Anna and Jonathan walking into Jonathan’s woodshop to see some of the things that he had made, and then the next she was in Lunaeld.
At first Breanne is thrilled to be back in Lunaeld, but she quickly learned that Lunaeld was not the happy friendly place she had left it. Now the streets are covered in filth, the people look at each other with suspicion and it looks like no one is friends. Also, Breanne can’t find any of her friends. After talking with her dragon, and friend, Crystal, Breanne learns what is going on. But when she goes to leave, she finds herself in a fight with a couple of drunkards. Breanne’s fighting skills are a bit rusty and there was no way should could have made it out without the help of her friend, Philip. Breanne is glad to finally see and familiar face, but Philip is not there out of pleasure. Breanne soon learns that all of her friends and everyone loyal to King Stephan are hiding away somewhere in Lunaeld. A new king had taken the place of the kingship, and the country of Lunaeld is swiftly going downhill. The Moonstone has been stolen, and it is up to Breanne to find the Moonstone and by doing that saving the country.
As Breanne is trying to save the country and help her friend King Stephan, she is met along the way with death, and more pain than she thought she could handle. But on top of all of that she has friendships, both new and old, laughter, joy, hope, love. Will Breanne find these things enough to keep her moving forward, will this be enough to help her keep her courage and find the Moonstone?

What do you guys think? After reading the blurb, do you have any ideas for a title?

TTFN, Mary


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