12 Days of Thankgiving

Yes, I know this is late, but I have been really busy with NaNoWriMo, which I did win btw. 🙂

Hope Oakenshield nominated me for the twelve days of thanksgiving.


1. You must list twelve things you are thankful for. 

2. Then tag as many bloggers as you want. Be sure to tell them of their nomination. 

I am not going to be nominating anyone for this but if you reading this you are more than welcome to do it. 🙂

(1) I am thankful for a Gracious and Merciful God, who would save someone like me.

(2) I am thankful for my family. They are awesome!

(3) I am thankful for all the wonderful friends that I have.

(4) I am thankful for a house to call home. I know there are many people who don’t have that and I am thankful that I do.

(5) I am thankful for books, who could live without them?

(6) I am thankful for Chocolate! Yum!

(7) I am thankful for milk. I know a random one, but I love milk. 🙂

(8) I am thankful for ability to see, hear and talk. I can’t imagine not being able to do that.

(9) I am thankful for the ability to write. Love writing!

(10) I am thankful for music.

(11) I am thankful for Oxygen, I mean really people, who couldn’t be, without it we would all be dead.

(12) I am thankful for siblings and my parent. I know I have technically already said this but I couldn’t help but put it down again.


You can expect some more post sometime soon, I have a couple of more tags that I have to do, so I’ll be seeing you around.

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