For the First Time in Forever

For the First Time in Forever….I am doing Monday’s Minutes. I usually read over the post even if I am not going to do it, but this week I had the perfect idea for the picture prompt and I just had to do it, so here it is!

I will be using the picture prompt:

I posed for another shot in front of the green screen. Yet another picture for the cover a book, why did I always get stuck with posing for book covers. I would rather pose for an advertisement, or even a magazine cover. I turned my head slightly so I could see the man I was posing with face. He was so unemotional. He just stared at the green screen with a blank expression. I rolled my eyes and turned away, looking back at the screen. I heard the word that I had been waiting to hear, the word release. It indicated that we were free to move again, unfortunately not free to leave. The photographer would want to look over his picture again and if he didn’t like them, we would be posing in front of the green screen again. I turned to look at the man again, he was watching me.
“Hello,” I said slowly, I wasn’t sure what else to say.
“Hey,” He glanced at the Photographer. “Do you know what the background of the picture is going to be?” He asked.
I nodded. “Yep. How come you don’t?”
The man shrugged. “I don’t care to…most of the time.”
I glanced up at the big green screen. “They are going to have the back ground be a city, a large city, sinking down into the water. We are going to appear to be standing on the edge of the water, with grass and tree branches behind us, as we watch the city sink under water.”
The man seemed to be about to say something, but he never got a chance, we were called back in to position to take a few more shots. I sighed, I was hoping for a free afternoon to do whatever I wanted to.

It is exactly 300 words. If you enjoy writing I really would encourage you to do the Monday Minutes, though I have fallen out of habit in doing them, they are a lot of fun.

Here is the link to last/this weeks post where you can see all the entries at the bottom of the post. Monday’s Minutes Challenge




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5 Responses to For the First Time in Forever

  1. So glad you decided to do it this week! 😀

    • mary says:

      Yes, I am glad that I did it to. I have gotten out of the habit of doing the Monday Minutes, hopefully after NaNo is finished I can try and get back into the habit of doing them.

  2. I love how original this is with the concept of a book cover photoshoot. The man seems like quite an interesting character too. Good job. =D

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