It’s been so long….

Hey Guys! I am here with Monday’s Minutes. Yes, it has been a long time I know but I have finally decided to do it again.

I am using the picture:

They didn’t think I remember, they thought I didn’t know. But even though I had been just barely one I remember it as if it had happened yesterday. I was sitting in my ‘mothers’ lap staring out the window of the space shuttle we were in. I remember watching the planet that we had come from explode before our eyes, small pieces hit the window in front of us. Something wet hit my head and looking up I saw that the woman was crying. I couldn’t blame her, she had just left the only place that she had ever know, the place she had called home, she had just watched blow up in her face and now she was slowly floating away from it to who knows where. She thought we would die from lack of food or water. But we didn’t, I remember, we had just finished off the last of our rations when we landed on the planet we now live on. The Women had carried be out onto the planet, now thinking that we were going to die for sure. But we didn’t, on the second day of being there the woman had grown so sick and weary that she couldn’t walk, that’s when they found us, the other people that had over the years made their way to this planet. They found us and took us in, learning all that had happened to us. The woman died a year after we arrived here but I didn’t, they try to make me fill like I am apart of them, as if I have always been here, but I know I haven’t. I remember arriving there, the memory is as clear as it was when it was happening.

Hope you guys enjoyed! 😀

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2 Responses to It’s been so long….

  1. Katie Grace says:

    I very much enjoyed it! Spectacular job. 🙂

    • mary says:

      Thank you! I titled the post It’s been so long referring to the fact that that it has been a long time since I’ve done a Monday’s Minute but then after I wrote my little bit I realized that the title of the post could actually go along with what I wrote. Maybe I’ll write a short story or a book on it some day…. 😉

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