Meeting an online friend and JAARS Day!

This week our family traveled up to JAARS, in Waxhaw NC, a three and a half hour drive from where we live. While up there I got to meet one of my online friends TW Wright, whose family also drove up there too!

We arrived Friday afternoon. Then Saturday we had to get up bright an early to get the house cleaned up. All of our linen had to be outside by eight! We are still alive, so no worries. 🙂

Mama tried to get a picture of me when we arrived.

Not sure what Hannah is doing…

Some pictures of the littles playing at the park.

But at 9:11ish we headed out to start our day of fun!

We got to eat lunch and dinner with TW Wright and her family! Had so much fun hanging out with them!

Beck and I had gifts for TW since her birthday was Sunday! A week ago. Beck made her a slouch hat and I gave her a book (One Realm Beyond by Dontia K Paul. Great book, you should read it sometime…along with Dontia K Paul’s other books!)

At first it was a little awkward but we both got over it pretty quickly. 😀

Some more random pictures…

Hannah and Emily

This two quickly made friends and spent the rest of the day with each other.

Caleb and John

And this two also hung out with each other. I think I one point in time while we were at the park they were trying to jump over a broken volley ball net, or trying to jump threw a hole in it…..yeah.

Love this picture of Martha!

John, Caleb, Buzz and Sam!

I have more pictures coming up soon, some pictures that TW took! I also have a birthday post to do. (I have been lacking in those :-\ ) So stick around!

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One Response to Meeting an online friend and JAARS Day!

  1. THESE PICTURES ARE AWESOME!!! *laughs* My face (and Lydia’s) when I opened the book is really funny! ;D Yes, the John jumping through the volley ball net with Caleb controlling it was not exactly the best idea… *laughs hysterically*

    (and for all of you who are wondering, we are not Australian! 😉 )

    Great post, Mary!! 😀

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