I’ve been thinking….

‘Always a dangerous past time’

Sorry, just a quote… *cough cough* So anyway! Like I said I have been thinking and have decided that I will no longer be posting Cinderella on here. 🙁

I have decided this just because my first drafts are so unedited that I don’t want to post the chapters on here until they are edited. I don’t want to get it edited and I do want to eventually get the whole thing on here…so for now I am going to leave what I already have up here up and just not post any more until I have edited it some.

I hate that I am going to do this but I hope you guys understand. 🙁

If you have any question please just ask me.


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One Response to I’ve been thinking….

  1. Hope says:

    Well, I wish you luck! I can’t wait until it’s ready. 🙂


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