The Scribbler Award!

Hey Guys!

I am posting the Scribbler Award to help my friend Wild Horse launch it. 🙂

Link to the person who nominated you.
Link to your favourite writing blog, so we can check it out, and/or share your favourite writing tip. 
Pass the award along to a maximum of 5 people.
Well, no one really has nominated me for this award since it is new… So we’ll just move on.
My favorite writing blog is Go Teen Writers, it is a awesome blog full of helpful tips for you writers who want to be publish or just writers in general but it’s main aimed at those aspiring to be published. Be sure to check it out is is really a great site!
I don’t really have a favorite writing tip, they are all so awesome!
Alright on to passing the Award to others.
Megan Jane @ Rustic Remains
Kaycee @ The Pink Cave
Maddie @ Totally Me!
Tara Therese @ Tara Therese


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