Monday’s Minutes

(I am not going to mention anything about the fact that I am late…. *cough cough*)

This week I am doing the picture prompt:

I was bored. I walked around the room trying to find something to interest me. I stopped by the window and peered out of the window at the dreary school groundsĀ  threw the tickle of the rain water as it hit the window and then ran down it. I wished my parents hadn’t sent me here, to this awful boarding school. I was about to turn away from the window when something caught my eye. What was that? That wasn’t a boy was it? I frowned a little trying to make out the shape of a large object that was lying in the middle of the creek that ran through the school grounds. I heard to my bed pulling my rain boots out and grabbing a coat. I threw my coat on as I raced down the hall, ignoring the yells of a teacher trying to get me to come back. I dashed outside and across the ground. Sure enough it was a boy, I bent down beside him heedless of the fact the my dress what getting soaked. My eye caught a small paper boat bobbing in the water. I grabbed it and began to read random scribbles the boy had written, scribbles telling of how he was mocked, bullied and treated cruelly. Some one came a pulled me away from the body and into the house after that I remembered nothing.


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