Monday’s Minutes


This week for Monday’s Minutes I am using the sentence prompt. I also used the prompt to write some of a Hunger Games fan-fiction that I am writing.

Write a passage incorporating this phrase: A branch cracked behind me. I whirled around but there was nothing there. 

A branch cracked behind me. I whirled around but there was nothing there. I shivered in the night air, it was chilly. What I would give to be safe and sound back at home with my brothers and parents. I looking around me trying to see threw the darkness and find a suitable place for me to rest for the night. I glanced behind me again, thinking I had heard the soft footfall of someone. I couldn’t let myself get caught. I promised my brothers I would try my hardest to make it home again. I turned back around and scanned the surrounding area for a hiding place. The sight of another tribute froze me in my spot. I gulped, holding back a scream and whirling around began to run.
I could hear the tribute behind me, getting closer and closer. He was clearly in better shape than I was. I heard him trip, I quicken my pace. I could get away! I stumbled on a rock and fell forward. My head smashed into the ground.
I woke up groggily. I jumped to my feet and frantically looked around for my clothes, I was going to be late for work. That is when I realized that I wasn’t at home. It all came flooding back to me. The reaping, my name being drawn, the goodbyes, the trip to the Capitol and now here. Here? Where was I? I looked around me curiously, last time I remember I was being chased by another tribute…and I tripped. My heart raced, the other tribute where was the other tribute. I looked around me again, I was in a cave. I crept towards the opening and peeked out. The tributes body lay in front of the cave mauled. I gasped, gagged and threw up.

That was exactly 300 words. 😀


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  1. Oooh. Hunger Games fan fiction … looks promising! 🙂

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