Monday’s Minutes

So I am late…I was getting better though. But I didn’t have time Monday..or really the post for Monday’s Minutes came in late and then I just didn’t make time to do it and then I was gone all day yesterday. So this morning I made sure I wrote my entry.

This week I used this prompt (submitted by Lottie Le) Write a passage using these items: lantern, arrow, rose

Startled I sat up in bed, what was that noise? I had heard something right, it wasn’t just my imagination. There was again. I slipped out of bed and slid my shoes on. I lit a lantern that was by my bed. Where was the noise coming from? The hall? I took a step to towards the door. There it was again and coming from outside the window. A quick series of taps. I froze, I slowly turned around and looked at the window. Someone was outside the window, I could see his face. The person waved and motioned for me to open the window. I frowned the person was grinning. What? Suddenly recognition dawned. It was my brother. I laughed and threw the window open. My brother, Titus, was covered in mud.
“Where have you been!” I cried. “Don’t sit on my bed!” I nearly screamed as my brother moved to sit down on the bed.
“I was,” my brother said slowly. “Visiting the country side to find the perfect flower for Mother.”
I frowned. “What were you doing find her a flower in the middle of the night?” I asked now noticing the rose in his hand.
Titus looked at me like I was stupid. “Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.”
“Oh! I totally forgot!” I said, how did I forget, this was the whole reason we were staying in this cabin, right?
“So I can see.” Titus said drily.
He turned to leave but tripped on my quiver of arrows that was leaning against the wall from yesterday’s archery practice. Loud footsteps could be heard coming our way. I shoved Titus in the closet jumped in bed and pretended to be asleep. The door opened, then closed. I heard my parents talking outside the door, then nothing.

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4 Responses to Monday’s Minutes

  1. LOVE IT MARY!!! Good job! =D

  2. Awesome! I love the way you took this prompt.

    • mary says:

      Thank you! This was just what came to my head when I went to write my entry. I don’t think I have ever planned out what I was/am going to write, I just write it.

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