Cinderella – Chapter Twelve

Hey Guys! I am here with chapter Twelve of Cinderella. 🙂 So I’ll get right to the chapter.

Chapter Twelve
Helen glanced up sharply looking around her. “What?!”
Diana pointed to the water. “Look, it is foaming up and I can see no reason for it to do so.”
Fredrick looked down at the water on either side of the boat, trying to see beneath the foam. “I can’t see anything either.”
Helen frowned thoughtfully. “I don’t think it is anything to worry about. It might just be Horses of the Sea.”
Fredrick nearly scoffed. “You believe though old baby stories?”
Hurt flashed in Helen’s eyes then was gone in a flash, she raised her head higher. “Yes, I do. Emma and I read those stories all the time. Sometimes we go down to the Town near us and talk to the old sailors. Some of them have seen them before.”
Fredrick laughed. “Helen, they are just a bunch of old men who want attention. They’ll tell you anything to keep you coming back. Just because they have seen it doesn’t mean it is really. They are all probably lying.”
Helen glared at him, then turned her head away. She hurried Fredrick mutter something about her being immature and a loud resounding smack of flesh against flesh as one of the girls smacked him but she ignored it all. She was too busying focusing on the water. It was churning now, waves smacked against the boat. Her eyes widened as a horse reared up out of the water, tossing its mane and spraying all in the boat with water. She heard the others gasp. Soon they were surrounded by water horses.
She smiled at one of them, she sensed he was the leader and so she bowed as best she could in the boat. “How can we help you?”
The horse snorted, sending off another spray of water. We want you out of our territory. You are invading our land and being loud and annoying. The water horse spoke in her mind.
Helen looked a little embarrassed. “I am sorry, sir, we didn’t mean to do any such thing.”
The water horse snorted again. I am sure you didn’t. But now that you know you must leave.
Helen nodded in agreement. “I know, but I am afraid we are unable to. My friends and I are tired and it will soon be dark. We don’t even know where we are.”
The water horse seemed to consider this for a minute. We will pull your boat ashore of Tejuma. Then we will leave you.
Helen smiled at him again. “That is very kind of you. Thank you very much.”
The water horse nodded, his watery eyes twinkled a little as if even he could not resist the sweetness of this young human.
It was long after night fall when the water horses pulled the girls and Fredrick up to shore. Diana and Helen lay asleep at the bottom of the boat. The gentle rocking of the boat at be too much for them to resist and they fell asleep.
Emma watched her friend sleeping in the boat. She smiled at the water horses as they gently shoved the boat up to shore.
“Thank you, you are very kind.” She said quietly, getting very tired herself.
The horses tossed their heads and galloped across the water, slowly sinking deeper into the water as they went. Emma sighed, she felt her head start to drop and her eyes get tired. She shook herself, now was not the time to fall asleep. She nudged Fredrick who was starting to dose off.
“Fredrick,” She hissed. “Get up. We need to get these two sleepy heads somewhere better than….here.”
Fredrick groaned, tried to open his eyes but gave up and went back to trying to go to sleep. Emma rolled her eyes, really? She climbed out of the boat and started to look for a stick or a piece of drift wood. She just needed something to help her wake Fredrick up.
She soon spied a long switch. She grabbed it a hurried back to the boat where she began to switch Fredrick.
Fredrick fell out of the boat in his hurry to get away. “Oowww! Em, stop it!” He scrambled to his feet a dashed away out of Emma’s reach.
Emma stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. “I guess you’ll get up next time when I go to wake you up for the first time.”
Fredrick easily played the part of a sorrowful young boy who had just gotten caught stealing cookie. He shuffled his feet. “I was tired.”
Emma rolled her eyes. “Sure you were. Get your lazy self back over here. We have to figure out how to get to a better spot. We can sleep out here.”
Fredrick hurried over to help here. He glanced down at the girls. “Well, one of them is going to have to wake up. I can’t carry both of them and you can’t carry either one of them.”
Emma glared at him. “Well I am not going to wake up one of them.”
Fredrick shrugged. “Then I will.” He stepped forward to shake Helen awake.
“No!” Emma shrieked. “She needs her sleep.”
Fredrick stepped away hurriedly but glancing back at Helen showed it was too late she was already awake. She groggily rubbed her eyes.
“Have the water horses already left?” She asked her voice full of sleep.
Emma nodded. “Yes, they left about fifteen minute ago.”
“You should have woken me up so I could give them my thanks.” Helen said, standing up and stretching.
“I took care of it. It is fine Helen, they didn’t mind.” Emma said.
Helen glanced at Fredrick then back at Emma. “Why were you waking me up?”
Emma glared at Fredrick. “I didn’t mean to wake you up but Fredrick woke you up because he said he could carry two of you and we needed to get somewhere safer.”
Helen nodded in understanding. “Well I am glad I was woken up because I don’t really like the thought of being carried around a town asleep.” She yawned. “So what do you say that we do?”
“I say just start walking up the shore and eventually we’ll get to a town.” Fredrick said.
Emma shrugged. “Okay then. That is what we will do. Fredrick grab Diana, be gentle.” She nearly yelled at Fredrick pulled Diana out of the boat very jerkily. He staggered.
“She is heavy. Can’t we just wake her away?” He say trying to regain his balance without dropping Diana.
“No.” Emma snapped. “Come let’s go.”
Helen watched Emma stride off and Fredrick hurry to follow. She shrugged and started off after them.


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