Pics of Ezra

Hello there! I am here with some pictures of Ezra…just because he is so adorable. <3 <3

I was sitting at the table talking to Sam (4). We were one of the only ones left at the table eating lunch. We started talking about how cheetahs didn’t have rings (he is 4) and from there we talked about salt water and fresh water, sharks, Indains and cowboys. I was trying to convince Sam that most Indians were not bad. So finally I started to figure out something else to talk about. I said to Sam, why don’t we try and have an intelligent conversation. Is imitate response was ‘Like the Lord of the Ring’.

Is that a good thing or bad thing that my four year old brother would say that to me?

Well, heading on to look at my blog schedule because I have a feeling I am suppose to be posting a song. 😉

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2 Responses to Pics of Ezra

  1. Chickie says:

    He is so adorable!!!!!!!!I hope we can see him soon.

    • mary says:

      I think your mom and our mom might be trying to work something out where we will be going up there sometime at the end of this year. Though I don’t know if it is official or still a big might. 🙂

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